Ringing in the New Year with friends

January 2nd, 2013 | Posted by Mush in Life

In which there’s a small party.

My soft plan for Monday night’s festivities was to get off work, go home, take a disco nap, bathe, dress, and then wander down to Marcy’s for the midnight champagne. Instead I left work and rode straight to Mark & Embo’s house and never left.

The Wendover-Briggs Machine

We had Thai carry-out, a fire, music, and many beverages. Three awesome girls showed up around eleven. At midnight we drank champagne and said cheers and kissed. By two I was asleep on the futon next to Kimi.

Next morning there was lounging about, eggs, a couple of bloody marys, and a Harry Potter movie. I went home and went to bed around two o’clock.

Fun times!

Wishes that everyone has a wonderful 2013.

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