October 25th, 2005 | Posted by administratrix in Nerd

In which it’s actually my own damn fault.

Apparently I let my computer auto-dial the long distance number to my ISP from 8/21 through 9/10.

This is so unlike me. I mean, I work at an ISP, I know better than to call Fairfield when I can call Douds for free. I only ever dial the Fairfield POP to troubleshoot connectivity problems!

Anyway, long story short: my phone bill, usually less than $30 per month, is $225.45 this month.

Fuck. Me.

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3 Responses

  • Logan says:

    Hot fuck, milady.

    Remember that money we stashed in the coffee can a few months ago? You know, after the whore-a-thon? Yeah, now’s the time to break that baby open.

  • Cootera says:

    Oooogar!! That smarts, sweetie. Guess I’ll know that feeling soon enough when I get my first gas bill. **cringing and wincing simultaneously**

    Btw, I did yer meme. No, not the purse one. But one, nonetheless. It was fuuuun…

  • Shigeki says:

    Wow, that’s way more expensive than my monthly internet connection fee…. I hope you will get something like a wireless broadband or really something not dial-up….in the near future.

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