Sari yarn

December 31st, 2013 | Posted by Mush in Knitting - (2 Comments)

In which there’s silk!

I did the Bloggy Gift Exchange again this year and it was, of course, totally fun. I got to santa for a new mom who loves pink, and my own gift-giver was long-time friend VUBOQ, who spoiled me rotten. He sent me a fuzzy TARDIS throw and a handmade bowl/mug set that I love.

And yarn.

The yarn is made from recycled sari material and it’s beautiful to look at because of the vibrant colors. It’s also silk, so it’s not really the sort of fiber you want for scarves or hats or anything intended to keep you warm; it’s more of a cooling, slinky sort of fiber.

It’s also, well, what we knitters call clown puke. It’s fun to handle, fun to look at, fun to knit, but due to the uncontrolled colorway pretty much everything knit out of it looks like a clown puked all over it.

I spent two hours looking at FOs made from sari yarn: Pretty much universally ugly. Apparently this yarn is best for small things like mittens or gauntlets, or maybe a scarf knitted on large needles and worn against neutrals for a splash of color.

Because the yarn’s got such interesting hand I want to knit this stuff up sooooooo bad, but after swatching and looking at Pinterest pictures of completed projects, I don’t know what to make that won’t turn out fugly. I’m thinking fingerless gloves? Of course then I’ll end up with an entire unused skein… should I make a wrap or shawl instead? It’s really more of a spring/summer kind of fiber anyway…

Ugh. Thanks, Vuboq. Now I’m traumatized. 😉

Yarn Bomb! Incoming!

February 13th, 2011 | Posted by administratrix in Knitting - (4 Comments)

In which Dr. Mel’s going to Iceland next month, so he had to do some stash reduction.

The good news is that Mel, in a sudden stash-reduction fit, sent me two boxes of yarn:

Second box from Mel

First box from Mel (more…)

Big! Brown! Bento! Sweater!

October 23rd, 2008 | Posted by administratrix in Knitting - (9 Comments)

In which there are two things! Two exciting things! Two!

The first exciting thing is that last night, while watching an episode of Torchwood, I completed the Big Brown Sweater. (You may cheer; I will hear you even over the Internet.) It spent a year and ten months on the needles, but it’s finally finished and it rules.

(The pattern is Abigail, the yarn is Decadence in chocolate, and both were from Knit Picks. Teh BF was forced at gun point by my pointing my coffee cup at him to photograph it this morning so I could put it on the intarwebz.)

It fits, it’s soft, it’s brown, I made it myself, and I intend to wear it every. single. day. from now until summer returns next year! Yay!

The other cool thing is that yesterday I decided to become obsessed with bento. (I believe it was this page that finally decided me, but I’ve had bento boxes on my wishlists for quite awhile now.)

Today I ordered the! cutest! bento box set! ever! and a few other necessary bento accoutrements (vegetable shapers, mini sauce bottles, a boiled egg shaper, resuable silicone food cups for separating wet from dry foods, and an onigiri mold) from They should be here late next week, and from then on I shall spend a little time after dinner every night cleverly packing leftovers for the next day’s lunch.

This new hobby will not only satisfy my cooking creativity to a certain extent (I hardly ever cook any more!), but will stop me eating at the Mexican restaurant across the street from work like twice a week. It will help me control my caloric intake, something I desperately need to do because I’m forty and built just like a brick these days, and it will have the added benefit of being way totally HELLA COOL!

Glorious RAOK Glorious Day

October 15th, 2008 | Posted by administratrix in Knitting - (4 Comments)

In which it is all about the joy that was my local post office today.

This awesome woman (who blogs here) sent me a box (because she is hella awesome) containing:

Stash Relief
Yarn, with Sci-fi!

I happened to be at the post office because I was sending a RAOK package myself, to Vuboq, containing needles and stitch markers and manga that needs a home. When I checked my PO box to collect my dentist bill and the occasional bit of junk mail that I usually find, there was a ticket in it that said, “Parcel too large for box.”

So I was all, “OMG! A package! For meeeee!” And yea verily, it was yarnz!

Long story short: the Internet just plain rocks, because on it you meet people you can send stuff to, and people who send you stuff too. And it’s all just freakin’ bitchin’.

Birthday Win!

October 7th, 2008 | Posted by administratrix in Knitting - (4 Comments)

In which Teh BF totally comes through with the goods!

Yesterday I got a belated b-day present from Kaje. And it’s not even electronic, but it still utterly RULEZ. It’s needles! Circular knitting needles! Awesome cute kick ass knitting needles that have been on my wishlist for, like, two years!


And not just any needles, but the Options Interchangeable Harmony Wood Circular Knitting Needle set, in actual fact. These needles freakin’ rule, bitches. They’re all multi-colored laminated birch and I totally *heart* them.

I might even feel compelled to finally finish the Big Brown Sweater, which is well over a year old now and only a sleeve and a half away from total wearability!

Does my boyfriend kick ass or what. KNITTING NEEDLES! Holy cow. I am totally teh winnar.

Knitting, Knitting, Knitting

March 3rd, 2007 | Posted by administratrix in Knitting | Work - (7 Comments)

In which I bore my non-knitting readers half to death.

I’ve been knitting myself a hat. This is the third hat that I’ve started for myself; the other two I gave away because when they were finished they weren’t my hat.

A Hat... For Me!

This hat is brown and pink, which are totally my colors. It’s not fuzzy, but it’s not acrylic either — it’s wool. I think I might get to keep this one! It looks great in broad daylight, but the colorway kinda falls apart in indoor lighting and ends up looking weird… Of course, if you know me in person, you know I often put clothes on over my pajamas and go out in public, and that I’ve been known to wear brown shoes with black purses. So it’s not like I’m a paragon of style.

In other news, I had an interesting talk with a couple of friends last night and the end result is that I’m going to go apply here on Monday before I drive up to Iowa City to register at Kelly Services. They’re not actively hiring, but from what I heard omgwtfbbq do they ever need me.

Box o' Yarn!

March 1st, 2007 | Posted by administratrix in Knitting - (2 Comments)

In which there’s a parcel! Yay!

The mailman came back this afternoon and left a box on the porch. This box contains the items I got with the Patternworks gift certificate my mom sent me for Christmas:

Talking Yarn, Man

I’ve been waiting for this box for over a week! I got a felted clog pattern, 2 skeins of Meredith Bay yarn, 2 skeins of sock yarn, 4 skeins of Lamb’s Pride worsted, a bottle of wool wash, a free scarf pattern I’ll never use, and 1 skein of Lopi (to round out the order).

Yarn! I’ll make socks. Slippers. A new hat. It’s super extra exciting cool!

In which NLW cracks me all the fuck the way up.

The Ever-Handsome Mr J was out of town last night, so NLW called me and took me out to dinner at Pizza Hut. I love that about her. We talked about me, then we talked about her. Then we bought cranberry juice and chocolate sandwich cookies and went to her house and talked about knitting.

We’ve designed the hardest knitting pattern ever, to wit: a nine-foot long Entrelac scarf, knit in the round on size 0 needles, with steeks! Hah! (“If you knit that, your knitting cock would be so huge that all future knitting would be optional! OPTIONAL!!!”)

Then we surfed Flickr for “entrelac” and decided that Noro Silk Garden (a brand of yarn) really is pretty much made for Entrelac. Then we sighed, “Noro” a few times. Then we decided we need to find some software with which to lay down a thumpin’ house track, and layer recordings of knitters squealing/sighing/screaming various yarn names: “Oooh, Noro!” and “Koigu! Koigu!” and then a few forceful interjections of a Ron Jeremy sound-byte something along the lines of, “UUUUHHHnnnnnnnnggggghhhhh!!!”

Knitting house. It’s funny. It’d get mad play, bitches. MAD play.

Gorgeous! Totally Not Filthy.

February 18th, 2007 | Posted by administratrix in Knitting | Weather | Work - (9 Comments)

In which I accentuate the positive! (Yes, I’m feeling much better today.)

It’s so nice outside today that I can barely stand myself. I’ve been sitting on the porch in the sun, reading. It’s so lovely!

Sweater UpdateI’ve finished the back of my sweater, and I am in the process of finishing the front. I’ve used half the yarn I bought for the project, so I think it’s safe to assume that I’m halfway done. Sweaters take an awfully long time to knit, people.

I want to highlight my hair. Someone should come over with a box of highlight RIGHT NOW. It’d be so fun!

Or, since my friends are hosting a lovely Bloody Mary Sunday, I might motivate myself to get dressed and go on over there instead.

In other news, I just randomly double-clicked on an MP3 file on my computer, and instead of booting iTunes it booted Winamp… which began playing a porno clip of a skinny girl wearing panties with cherries printed on them. It’s so interesting, sharing a computer with two other users!

And, just for the hell of it, because I used the words in the title of this post, here’s a remix of Filthy/Gorgeous for you.

Update: I have a follow-up interview here on Tuesday morning; the HR woman just emailed me. OMG, if the CEO likes me they just might hire me. A full-time job I actually think I want! Holy broken condoms, Batman!

Winter. Wonderland.

February 13th, 2007 | Posted by administratrix in Knitting | Weather - (5 Comments)

In which the weather outside is frightful.

Snow 2.13.07No one has called (or emailed) to offer me a job today. This makes me sad.

It’s been snowing since yesterday. We have a winter storm watch in effect until six o’clock. I swept off the porch and it’s cold and shitty out. My friend Snow needs a ride to the Amtrak station in Ottumwa, but we’ve got near blizzard conditions out there and I think I don’t want to be driving around in the dark in that shit. I’ve been texting with him since nine this morning.

In other news, my mom gave me a gift certificate for Patternworks for Xmas and I’m trying to figure out what to buy with it, but their site is broken. Bah.