Spring Forward, Fall Back

October 29th, 2005 | Posted by administratrix in Blurbs

DST ends Sunday at 2:00. Don’t forget to adjust your clocks.

Oh, by the way: I fucking hate DST.

Every year, twice a year, I spam my various reps with long missives about how DST was allegedly begun for farmers and is no longer needed ’cause them tractors got LIGHTS ON ‘EM these days, PLUS all the farmers who farm the several thousand acres of corn (or soybeans depending on the year) around my house do it at night anyway. IN THE DARK. ON TRACTORS WITH UFO-BRIGHT LIGHTS ON THEM.

Futhermore I utterly fail to see how in this era of constantly-running appliances switching clocks an hour could possibly save on the general use of resources. I mean, they say DST reduces energy use by up to 1% but my computer’s on 24 hours a day no matter what “time” sunset is. (Plus I hate adjusting my schedule so much that even perfectly legit research may fail to move me.) Not to mention that a street light is on sunset to sunrise regardless of what the clocks say, and night’s just plain longer when the axis tilts. Making me get up an hour earlier doesn’t change that one bit.

I so hate DST. Ugh.

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4 Responses

  • Logan says:

    I like the hour it gives back, though. The rest of the year might stink on DST’s account, but I’ll wait ’til next season to complain.

  • Bucket says:

    Leave it alone. If they took DST away, I’d have to sneak out of work at 3PM on Mondays to play golf in the spring instead of 4PM. I can pull off 4PM…

  • Mush says:

    I still hate the whole clock-changing thing. Period.

  • Sin says:

    I know what you mean. I’m pissed at the fact that I have to update my unintelligent clocks and timepieces everywhere to reflect the new hours. My laptop and cell phone can keep up with the whole shebang, but not so much my appliances/wristwatch/wall clocks. It’s a pain twiddling those dials!