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May 25th, 2009 | Posted by administratrix in Blurbs

In which my life looks better on the Internet than it does in real life.

I’m one of what’s called a “skeleton crew” of three people in the office today consisting of myself in tech support (and reception and billing) and two guys in the sales queue. All of management gets the day off paid, of course, and the receptionist does too. I get to work it because I got New Year’s day off (and so will hopefully get the next holiday off paid). The holiday schedule is rotating… if you count my working every single holiday save one in 20 months ‘rotating.’

Being the only person in three queues means that this is the busiest I’ve been in weeks. It’s rather nice. Of course it’s not so busy I don’t have time to write, but the pace has been pretty steady so far: I’ve completed 34 calls and have been on the phone for 3 of the 5 hours I’ve been here.

I’m trying to maintain a good attitude but I still expect to get laid off any minute. I applied at the local temp agency a couple of weeks ago, just to feel pro-active about something. They called me last week and said they had absolutely no work.

I’m sitting under a blast of arctic, frozen air. I’m wearing a fleece vest with the collar up and fuzzy socks and I’m still freezing. The vent above my head is taped shut so I can’t really figure out where the air is coming from, but I do know that the building’s had its interior walls moved several times with no HVAC redesign so it’s to be expected that there are hot and cold spots… I just wish I wasn’t always sitting in a cold spot. It’s not warm enough outside today to warrant this kind of relentless A/C.

Bindu got her first bath in almost two years Saturday. The water sluicing off that dog and down the drain was a pretty foul color, and I felt kinda bad about it. But I got her all shampooed and rinsed and toweled off and combed and now she’s a walking plush toy, so soft and fluffy. Her undercoat is blowing out much more easily now and I think she’s more comfortable.

Next I’m going to take her in for her annual checkup and, if she’s healthy enough for anesthesia, get her teeth cleaned. She’ll hate that, but her teeth have never been cleaned and they’re a mess. I brushed them Saturday (chicken flavored toothpaste!) and scratched a bunch of calculus off one of her teeth with my thumbnail. Her gums can’t be at all happy.

Last night Teh BF and I had a BBQ on my brother’s patio. The guys had bacon cheddar burgers (and Teh BF geeked out taking this pic so heavily that I threatened to tell the Intarwebz that he was making O noises over a freakin’ plate of food) and I had a grilled portabella on a bun. Afterward, he and I went and watched Star Trek in my room. It was awesome and I’m not ashamed to say so! I thought it was a really charming addition to the goofiest sci-fi franchise ever. Action packed! It was like Star Trek meets Star Wars meets Doctor Who meets Indiana Jones: everything I like, all rolled into one silly big-budget sci-fi romp. Boom!

Finally got tickets for Dallas purchased. Ended up they were $70 each more than the original ones by the time it was all said and done, but we’re still going to DFW and back through Pasco for less than $400 each so I’ll consider it a win.

In other news, my nails look fantastic.

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2 Responses

  • vuboq says:

    Your nails *do* look fantastic!

    The one thing I didn’t like about the ST Movie was the whole Uhura/Spock thing. totally didn’t buy it. and I agreed with Gayprof’s analysis of it as well.


    I think logical people probably like nookie too, so I was okay with the whole Uhura/Spock thing. Gayprof’s analysis was strong, yes, but it’s freakin’ big budget sci-fi. Of course it’s going to fail in terms of modern thinking: it’s one big fat simplification of human character. Joseph Cambell would have found it symbolically pleasing enough, methinks. -m

  • shenry says:

    Given that coworkers and bosses skim your blog, I think you should exaggerate your numbers just a bit… say, 49 phone calls for 4.5 hours.

    Chicken flavored toothpaste… I wonder if it’s cool for human use, because that would be trippy to try.

    And I really dug the new ST movie, too. Maybe that was due to low expectations. I mean, I really thought this would be another flimsy ST movie, but this one really did kick ass.

    It was an ass-kicker! -m