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Michelle "Mush" MorganHi. My name’s Michelle, but everybody calls me Mush (rhymes with lush, not bush). Unless they’re relatives, that is, in which case they call me Shelly, because families are fucking weird like that.

I am a network administrator at an ISP. Well, sorta. I mostly do tech support and have only limited opportunity to learn new stuff because my company is very small and outsources a lot. I do have root on several internet-facing Linux servers, though, so that’s nice. My company is about to transition into a non-ISP field, so maybe I’ll get to learn something new.

Scratch all that. I’m a paginator at a newspaper.

No, actually now I live in Minneapolis with my true love, whom I met in IRC, and work retail while looking for a real job (read: something where there’s sitting).

I got a sitting job! Now I work from home. I’m a contractor for Comcast. It’s a shitty job (in the sense that the pay is too low to live on, and the company’s desire is to deny customers what they want and need), but there’s no commute and I don’t have to wear a bra.

Welcome to goblinbox.com, my beloved work-in-progress. I’ve been maintaining this site for a decade. It’s lasted longer than any relationship or living situation or automobile I’ve ever had. This domain was registered on March 9, 2001 and contains thousands of entries and millions of words on the only topic I know anything about, which is nothing.

I have lived in Washington, Oregon, Iowa, New Mexico, and California. I have attended Sam Barlow High School, Mt. Hood Community College, Maharishi International University (now called Maharishi University of Management), the University of New Mexico, and Walla Walla Community College.

I was born in 1968 in Kennewick, Washington. I was raised by agnostics but I converted to Hinduism in my early 20’s. My spiritual name – which I received from my satguru, Mata Amritanandamayi Devi – is Tanusri, and it means “embodiment of beauty.” Let me save you a bunch of time in your spiritual journey: 1. there’s only a single consciousness in the manifest universe and that’s what we call God, 2. you truly were born for that Great Love you seek, and 3. you’re not your mind.

In college, I majored in classical voice, and later literature and then history, so you can tell I never gave a shit about money. Now I’m a divorcee who lives in her grandmother’s attic and was recently enrolled full-time at the local community college taking a bunch of courses geared at technical certifications in networking, like the CCNA and some other crap that may or may not have increased my hireability in this wonky economy. Three days before my unemployment benefits ran out I got a job offer from a previous employer, so I’ll never know if taking those classes would have helped or not.

When I’m not doing network stuff, I’m a blues and R&B singer. I’m pretty good at it, I guess, and I enjoy the heck out of it, but I’ve always had a day job.

I’ve been a vegetarian for twenty years. Well, a lacto-ovo pescatarian, to be more exact, because sometimes I do eat sushi. I’m left-handed, extroverted, aloof, and I adore reading and taking naps and sci-fi and gigging and drinking giant mugs of tea with milk. I hate TV (commercials are evil and make people feel inadequate and miserable) but I watch a lot of stuff on Netflix and Amazon.

I have no kids and no pets, and everything I own in the whole entire world would fit into the bed of a small pickup. I don’t happen to actually own a pickup, but I do have an old bicycle. It’s red. My aunt gave it to me. I dig it. I recently put baskets on it and now it rides like a cruiser.

I don’t eat refined carbohydrates if I can avoid it. That means no white flour, no white sugar, no white rice, no potatoes, and especially no HFCS. I do this because I really didn’t enjoy being fat.

My hobbies are collecting small electronic devices, maintaining this web site, travel, vintage film cameras, knitting, writing, cooking, and bento. I do not like alarm clocks, being flat broke, foods with weird textures, yard work, car crashes, or incisions (even though I had a really good time getting my wisdom teeth extracted, what with the intravenous Valium and all).

In other words, my talent is swimsuit and I want to be a veterinarian because I love children.

5 Responses

  • cp aboobacker says:

    happy to hear about u. wish to be in contact. i write some poetry. i decline to reveal my age. it is too young and will not exceed 60. why don’t u revive u’r talents in literature?

    I’ve been meaning to write a book for, oh, my whole life or so. Maybe it’ll happen someday! -m

  • somasauras says:

    omg this is so wierd im soma the soma from people they came and i only found this by looking my name up on the internet! lol so hey mush and give my regards to buzz the coolest cat in America!

    Hi, Soma! -m

  • juinita says:

    Hi Mush,

    Thanks for suggesting me of Bombay Dub Orchestra. Try to find it here in Jakarta, Indonesia. Otherwise, will try to order it from Amazon.

    Read your story bout your work. Wish you all the best. Will stop by …

    Did you celebrate Deepavali ? Anyway, Shubh Deepawali Mush….

    You’ll love Bombay Dub; it’s a great album. Sometimes I go to the ashram for Deepavali, but I don’t do anything at home for it. Nice to meet you! -m

  • DaViD says:

    I used to know Mush when she went by Shelley; years ago in Oregon. She was the best friend of the love of my life and my soul mate. Of course, as is usually the case when you are 22yrs old, I didn’t realize 1) how cool Mush was and 2) that I had met my soul mate. So, I lost contact with both. Now I have found both; again. ‘Chelle was and probably still is a total “Woman-head.” IN fact, she is an original “Woman-head.” I will let you explain what that is, Miss Michelle.

    Hey, Dave! I emailed you. -m

  • Trudi says:

    This is random in placement because I have been jumping around your site looking at your interesting things. Anyway, I saw something about a rash you had last yar. I suspect very strongly that it was what is called Dishydrotic Excema. Treatmetn is cortisone, yes it will often go away by itself, it is a stress-related condition. It can however get very bad and painful. I had it off and on a lot after a car accidenet, still get it occasionally, my daughter got a rip-roaring case of it when she was about 16, took over both hands and both feet. Ended up getting a cortisone injection in her rear and it was gone in about 2 days. Just watch out for it if it happens again. =D

    Thanks for the info! It went away and never came back. It could have very easily been stress-related, since my marriage was going down the tubes at the time. I ended up thinking it was a reaction to the varnish on the new guitar I’d just gotten around that time and was handling a lot. -m