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“Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy may be the first warning sign of a miscarriage. However, about 20 percent of women have vaginal bleeding during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, and less than half of them miscarry.”t

Oh, let’s hope I’m in the right percentage.

I started spotting yesterday before I left work. It continued, lightly, throughout the evening. (Most of which I spent sleeping.) I’m still spotting slightly. I’m SO nervous I’m going to lose this one too… I’ve had too many miscarriages to want to have another. I don’t want to feel like that again.


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“During the third embryonal week, it’s not unusual to experience spotting, or light vaginal bleeding.”

Well, that’s good to know. I spotted one spot last night. I laid there in my bed reading, certain that my period was about to start. Then I realized, “This doesn’t feel like my period about to start at all. It’s too high up.” I think this one might actually stick, the little bastard.

My observation is that attitude does affect physicality. I feel happy and excited this time (because I’m married and ‘stable,’ whatever that means). If I wasn’t, I feel confident I’d probably miscarry again. I am getting reacquainted with the fact that my attitude is the main part of my fertility… I’d forgotten that over so many years of not taking responsibility for it, of being vicim to it.

I told Chloe this morning in front of the coffee shop that we’re pregnant. She was so happy. She immediately told Elisabeth, who just instant messaged me. The whole town will know by evening! We’re telling Barb tonight; Brett bought a “Happy Mother’s Day, Grandma” card last night to give to her with the headboard. I’m feeling weird now that it isn’t just our secret, now that everybody knows!


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“The embryonic heart begins beating, though it can’t yet be seen on ultrasound.”

Holy shit! It has a HEART BEAT ALREADY?

Today I started surfing Amazon.com for baby books. They preview the first 42 pages of many of their books, so I can just look right in there and read the intros. Most of the books start with “now you’re pregnant, you might feel like (a), (b), or (c).” They’re all the same… happy, disbelieving, ambivalent, or freaked out. Buh! Are these people idiots? Don’t they read their competition? Maybe those books would do better to dispense with the entire first chapter altogether and simply say, “You’re knocked up! It’s so normal! Everything you might be feeling is perfectly okay.”

I’d like to buy a book for new dads, but I don’t know if Mr. Brett would even read it…? Maybe he would, if it were funny enough. And I guess I’m supposed to become completely psycho next week so he might like something that explains to him what he already knows: if your predominantly rational and loving wife starts being otherwise, don’t take her seriously.

I don’t feel at all queasy. I don’t feel PMSed. I feel, um, pregnant. I don’t feel psychotic, I’m not pissed off or yelling at people… the main difference is the pressure in the belly, and the strange body chemical keeping me from getting a horrific headache due to my messed up neck. (I slept funny the night before last, so my neck is a disaster.)


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“Five weeks menstrual age (3 weeks after fertilization), the embryonic period begins.”

There’s a pregnancy calendar at Yahoo.com. The thing will be 7mm long by next Thursday! My due date is sometime during the first week of December, although I guess first babies are always late.

I suspected Saturday that I might be pregnant. Sunday, when Brett and I were at Wal-mart and I said I wanted to buy a test, he said, “Yeah, since we both already know that you are, we might as well!” He was so gleeful that it made me giggle. I think he’s really happy, really into it. Strange. When we got home I had to pee, so I took the test immediately. It was a really, really, really, REALLY faint positive after two or three minutes.

When I looked again about 30 minutes later, it was a perfectly respectable, VERY positive. Which either means I’m about to miscarry, or simply that I’m at the absolute very beginning of the insane hormone wash and I?m testing a few days too early.

DNS, Cobalts, Web Sites, etc.

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These are my training notes from when I transferred into Engineering in 2002 or so. I keep them on the web because I still refer to these now and again… generally for Unix commands I’ve spaced. Heh!


cd /usr/local/bin

./add_domain domain.com ipaddress

./add_domain domain.com IP.IP.IP.IP

cd /etc/namedb

vi domext.db

:%s/86400/300/g (‘g’ to change refresh/TTL globally)

/usr/local/bin – ./remove_domain dom.ext (remove and rename to domext.old.db)


1. In FM db, locate next In Process record.
2. Check whois to determine if the domain is available.
(a) Use F9 on Madison, and/or
(b) Use whois at OpenSRS or at Network Solutions.
3. Go here and apply for the domain name.
(a) Choose Place Order Manually. Enter the request for the domain name.
(b) Always copy the domain name from the FM record to avoid typos.
(c) Contact email is always admin-at-lisco-dot-com
(d) For renewals:
i. Check on the primary DNS server first, to see that the record is really expired.
1. F9 and domain name
ii. If they want it renewed for more than one year (the default), remember to change it after it’s been approved.
4. Update the FM record with the application info.
(a) Remember to copy the SRS ID number back into FM db.
5. Get the next available IP address.
(a) cd /etc/namedb
(b) vi XXXX.XX-rev.db
(c) add a new record at the bottom of the file:
i. Ctrl-F to page down
ii. o to create a new line and start with insert mode
iii. Copy info on preceding line (or type it in)
(d) Write down the new domain’s IP address.
(e) Update the serial number (page up is Ctrl-U)
(f) 😡 to Save the file.
6. Edit/update all three DNS servers.
(a) vi /etc/named.conf
(b) Find the entry alphabetically preceding the new domain (/domain_name to find) and copy it.
i. Ctrl-F to page down
ii. 5yy (DNS1) or 8yy (DNS2, DNS3) to yank lines
iii. Insert the copy (P to paste).
(c) Update the new entry with the new domain’s info.
i. Delete the old name (dw = delete word)
ii. Shift-Ins the domain name (copied from FM)
iii. Verify the type of domain (ex. .com, .org, .net)
(d) 😡 to Save the updated file.
(e) On DNS1, copy the temp file and make a new db record for the new domain name
i. cp temp.db domain.db
ii. vi domain.db
1. :%s/temp/domain/g
2. If a suffix other than .com:
a. :%s/domain.com/domain.net/g
b. change the “com” on the ORIGIN line to proper suffix.
(f) Change IP by adding the final octet
(g) Change/update serial number
i. r for replace
(h) 😡 to Save the updated file.
(i) After completion, reload all three (F11) on DNS1.
i. dbreload
7. Check log for errors on all three servers.
(a) cat /var/log/daemon.log |grep domain
8. Create the site on web server.
(a) Go to http://webserver_name/admin/ and add a virtual site.
(b) Add a user.
i. Get the requested username and password from the FM record.
ii. Make sure you give this user admin access.
(c) Test the site.
(d) Email welcome.
9. IF the site is to be FrontPage enabled, telnet into web server and enable FrontPage extensions.
(a) Enable FrontPage.
(b) Enable subwebs.
10. Do a whois a day or so later to determine that the application is complete.
(a) F9 then type domain name.
(b) Email welcome domain when the domain is active in whois.
(c) Change status in FM to Active.

Link: Ping from OSX

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How to ping from OSX: In Mac OS X, how can I check to see if a computer is on the network?.

CAT-5 Pinouts

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Welcome to my RJ11 and RJ45 pin-out cheat sheet! I referred to this a lot when I was first pulling cable, but really all you need to do is memorize the two end types.

(Click the image to embiggen.)

Wire colors:
wo = white orange
o = orange
wg = white green
bl = blue
wbl = white blue
g = green
wbr = white brown
b = brown

Pin out for CAT-5 Plug

Make both ends the same (make both ends B): wo o wg bl wbl g wbr b

RJ45 for an ethernet jack

Ethernet is on 1-2-3-6



1-3 and 2-6 are reversed (make one A end, one B end): order is 3 6 1 4 5 2 instead of 1 2 3 4 5 6

RJ11 Phone Jack

6-pair jack = 3 & 4
8-pair jack = 4 & 5

Two Jacks on CAT-5

1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8

Jack 1:
1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8

Jack 2:
1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8

And here’s some good info.

My SecureCRT Hotkeys

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Every time I reinstall SecureCRT I discover I’ve managed to lose my hotkey file. Below are those damn commands that I need all the time but don’t have memorized.

F1 r7

F2 whois -h whois.arin.net

F4 cp /usr/home/mushlette/temp.db /etc/namedb

F5 cd /etc/raddb\rvi users\r/#LISCO\r

F6 10yy9jpdwi

F7 \e:x\r

F9 whois -h whois.networksolutions.com

F11 kill -HUP `cat /var/run/named.pid`

F12 logout \r logout \r

Farm Diary

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In July 1999, Farmer Doug made us go to the birthday party of a ten-year-old in Batavia. The party was at a place that turned out to be for sale and Brett & I fell in love with it. Twenty-seven acres, two ponds, fruit trees, a thousand row feet of established asparagus, a stand of lovely old white oaks, and a funky old house with an interesting history and badly in need of a remodel.

The rest, as they say, is history.

For the first six months we lived here, I kept this little diary and it’s still fun to re-read every now and then. But over the years I’ve discovered that living in an old, run-down farm house under construction is both a never-ending list of minor problems and not all that terribly unique. I do love it here, though. (Check the gallery for visual aids.) It’s quiet, the closest neighbors can’t even be seen from our house, and it’s dark at night.

Anyway, enjoy the Farm Diary.

The old Cobalt RAQ and RAQ4 servers had their own special quirks. Below are instructions for fixing a couple of the more common ones.