My SecureCRT Hotkeys

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Every time I reinstall SecureCRT I discover I’ve managed to lose my hotkey file. Below are those damn commands that I need all the time but don’t have memorized.

F1 r7

F2 whois -h

F4 cp /usr/home/mushlette/temp.db /etc/namedb

F5 cd /etc/raddb\rvi users\r/#LISCO\r

F6 10yy9jpdwi

F7 \e:x\r

F9 whois -h

F11 kill -HUP `cat /var/run/`

F12 logout \r logout \r

Farm Diary

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In July 1999, Farmer Doug made us go to the birthday party of a ten-year-old in Batavia. The party was at a place that turned out to be for sale and Brett & I fell in love with it. Twenty-seven acres, two ponds, fruit trees, a thousand row feet of established asparagus, a stand of lovely old white oaks, and a funky old house with an interesting history and badly in need of a remodel.

The rest, as they say, is history.

For the first six months we lived here, I kept this little diary and it’s still fun to re-read every now and then. But over the years I’ve discovered that living in an old, run-down farm house under construction is both a never-ending list of minor problems and not all that terribly unique. I do love it here, though. (Check the gallery for visual aids.) It’s quiet, the closest neighbors can’t even be seen from our house, and it’s dark at night.

Anyway, enjoy the Farm Diary.

The old Cobalt RAQ and RAQ4 servers had their own special quirks. Below are instructions for fixing a couple of the more common ones.

Telco Trouble Numbers

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List of telco numbers; to report trouble on circuits (LADS, EELs, UNEs, etc.)

AT & T 800-325-123
GTE Circuit Repair 800-483-2000
GTE Multi-Line 800-262-4831
GTE Bus. Office 800-483-2000
GTE Acct Rep 813-273-2927
INS 515-830-0440
INS 515-830-0496
ITS 877-905-4692
C & W Circuit Repair 800-663-9932
USWest-circuit repair 800 227 2218
USWest Telephone Repair 800-223-7508
UWest ISP Repair 800-660-8987
USWest Rep 800-879-6300 Ext 4348
UsWest Cir Enterprise 1-800-373-1368
IES 800-822-4348
Sprint Phone: 1-800-877-5045
Routing Phone: 1-800-232-6895 option 3
INS Pone: 515-830-0440 Option #1
Quest Switch People 888-678-7070 x31
Quest Ticket Center 800-233-7508 x21

FrontPage Extensions

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Enabling and disabling FP extensions on Cobalt RAQ and RAQ4 boxen.

Admin Mail

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Administering mail.

MX Records

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Troubleshooting mail problems.

Check an MX record

1. Open Madison
2. nslookup
3. nslookup – IP of primary DNS
4. set type=mx
a. gives name of mail server
6. set type=soa (source of authority)
8. exit


1. cd /etc/namedb
2. vi domain.db
3. Change the first MX record from our mail server to
a. 86400 IN MX 5
4. Add a mail record with the mail host’s IP address:
a. mail 86400 IN A
5. Update serial number.
6. F11 and dbreload

Number Nine

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Change status message on VM system.