Love and a .45

March 13th, 2004 | Posted by administratrix in Blurbs - (0 Comments)

Here’s a long-winded reply to a comment on yesterday’s blog. I thought about it a lot.

Keef’s right, resentment is a cancer in a relationship. And while the tone of my blog was harsh, that’s how I speak in real life. I swear like a longshoreman, and my language is often harsh – generally for comic effect. But sometimes bitching is just venting, and sometimes men are full of shit. The work of a marriage is never fair or balanced in snapshot! Nevertheless, balance is there, from one moment to the next.

Weekend Of Fun

March 13th, 2004 | Posted by administratrix in Blurbs - (1 Comments)

The girls – Anna, Misty, Tahmi – talked me into disco nite tonight. We’ll be dressing up and dancing disco at the Red Rock. (Just a DJ, not a real band or anything.) If it wasn’t disco, I certainly wouldn’t go – but I do so love the disco.

I plucked the hell out of my eyebrows last night! They look fucking perfect today.

Josh told me after bowling Thursday that the coolest thing IN THE WORLD would be: to have a disco party in the barn and have Kevin & Aimee DJ it.

He’s right, of course. That truly would be the coolest thing in the world. We’d have to rent a disco ball and find some cocaine, though. ๐Ÿ˜‰ If you don’t know who Kevin & Aimee are, you’re bummin’ because they can DJ the holy hell out of some disco. They used to DJ those old MIU dances back in the day, and their vinyl collection was a sight to see. They’re all married and comfy now; I bump into them about once a year now and can witness that they’re still both hip as can be.

Someone’s here. Noah, maybe? Full-size white truck, at least. I haven’t been downstairs yet, although I do believe its time to go make some chai.

Man, Am I Busy

March 12th, 2004 | Posted by administratrix in Blurbs - (5 Comments)

Housework, a website client, Satsang stuff… eek! I’m glad it’s spring or I’d be depressed with all the stuff I need to do.

What could be better?

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If you’re going to have a houseguest, have one that cooks. One that cooks well.


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I’ve figured it out. I’ve added a CSS. It looks lovely. Most of it works. I AM SO GLAD.

Now I’m off to export my old blog entries and then figure out how to import them into this thing. YES, I should be working.

Moving to Movabletype

March 11th, 2004 | Posted by administratrix in Blurbs - (2 Comments)

I’ve been looking for a blog app I could run on my own server. Not because I don’t already have a monstrous amount of shit on my server, but because sometimes Blogger or HaloScan are down and that pisses me off to no end.

Boring is as boring blogs

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No news, really. I’m at work, working. My router support skills are rusty (it took me three minutes to figure out what the router’s IP was ’cause I was too dense to realize that the default gateway on the client computer HAD to be the router’s IP). Brett’s cute, Mike’s a fine houseguest, the dogs are well, I haven’t mailed that letter to my aunt Screw yet, and I need a nap.

Flooding SUCKS

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It rained like hell last night and the water ran in. Damn it. Water pouring in from that innocuous crack in the foundation on the picnic-table side of the house.

We picked up all the extension cords (actually, I used a few twisty-ties to hold various power cords to nails and hooks on walls and ceilings), rolled up a few rugs, and let it flow.

Now it’s all damp, muddy, and dirty. We’ve got fans running to help it dry up faster and it’s at least half gone now, but there were a couple inches of standing water when I got home from bowling last night.

It rather bugs me when there’s standing water in my fucking living room. Is that shallow of me? (Snort!)

I bowled well last night; all games were at or over my average. It felt awkward, though – I think my approach is morphing into a new reality – and I was almost too tired to keep my eyes open. We finished early and I skipped the Backroads and just went straight home.

This morning, I called Barb for a raincheck on our Iowa City lunch date and spent a few hours in the laundromat instead. Tomorrow I might go back with all the wet towels and throw rugs.

Dinner’s ready, so I’m off to munch.

This is a really poorly

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This is a really poorly written article. If you want details, visit Rants. We’ve got the Ledger staff mainlining us details. LOVE those gossipy little Ledgerites! LOVE them!


March 2nd, 2004 | Posted by administratrix in Blurbs - (Comments Off on Homecoming)

Operating under the assumption that no minors read my blog, I’d like to say that it is a FANTASTIC IDEA to send your man out of town with a bunch of guys for a long weekend! Because he comes back SO sweet and SO missin’ you!

Suffice it to say the nookie I’ve been gettin’ since Sunday night has been extra super duper groovy. I think I might send him away again this weekend, just so I can welcome him back! ๐Ÿ˜‰