Sick as a dog

April 2nd, 2004 | Posted by administratrix in Blurbs - (1 Comments)

In the past three days, I’ve been sleeping 16 hours to every 8 that I’m awake. My tonsils are still swollen and I sound like Fat Albert when I talk.

The good news is that my throat is no longer sore.

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The satsang’s domain name,, is expired. I registered it at a year ago, and we quit hosting our original domain name,

The admin contact is listed at, so basically we didn’t get the renewal notice.

Now we’re in the process of having to fax the registrar with a well-documented request to change the email address to something that we can actually RECEIVE so that we can request the login info, login, and renew the domain.

It’s a holy pain in the ass – and I can barely even assist ’cause I’m sick and I ain’t got no ‘net connection from the farm. (I’m doing all this blogging from the office; I came to pick up my check and view my piled-up email.)


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I'm Sick

March 31st, 2004 | Posted by administratrix in Blurbs - (2 Comments)

I’m sick. I stayed home yesterday; today I came in just to catch up a little but now am getting ready to go home again.

I caught this from Anna; I don’t know who she got it from but it’s a sore throat think with a little bit of snot and lots of general soreness. Waaah!

In a shameless steal, I went to Keef’s blog and took this link and posted it here because it’s fucking hysterical.


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Mike’s at Mercy in Iowa City for three days of psych observation. He checked himself in. I haven’t talked to Joe about it much today but – Mike didn’t really want to go, yet he trusted his friends enough to do it for them.

Joe, Jeremy, and Rosie took him up yesterday, and apparently it’s really fucking hard to get help of this kind – when I spoke to Joe before dinner last night, they’d been talking to psych staff all day with no results: no tests, no meds, no agreement that he particularly needed anything at all. It’s like you have to be homeless and destitute and criminally dangerous before they’ll take your blood to look for lithium. It’s bizarre.

I don’t know if his family’s even been notified; I would assume one of the Iowa City troupe called them with all the details last night.

It makes me sad that people have to go through what Mike’s been going through. It makes me sad that people have to go through what Mike’s friends and family have been going through. But I hope he can be diagnosed and that the beginings of management skills can be taught and learned – other people I know with similar conditions feel that it’s important to catch it early and do the things you need to do to keep it from getting really bad: meds, routine, diet, whatever it takes.

I’m still really shocked that it’s this difficult to get any kind of help from medical professionals. When a guy presents with three or four friends who say, “Our friend is exhibiting bipolar symptoms, he can’t be left alone, and we really want to help him, what can we do?” you’d think the doctor would interview the friends carefully and then plan a reasonable course of action.

You’d be wrong.

The first time they took Mike to the doctor, the staff apparently decided they were there to scam meds or something – even though they said they didn’t want any meds but wanted a thorough physical and some advice! I haven’t heard all the details of yesterday’s trip to the hospital, but it amounted to a lot of talking and the only reason it worked out at all was because Mike was brave enough to sign himself in. If he hadn’t been, nothing at all would have come out of it and someone would be missing work again today to care for him.

Anyway, Mike’s really strong and really smart, and he might fool them all – he can “suck it up” long enough to get through an interview or two. Hopefully three days is long enough for staff to observe how hard it is for him right now and they’ll run a few panels.

Let’s hope.

In other news, while Mike was at our place the other morning, it seems he called everyone he’s ever known – including the principal of his grade school – to tell them he’s okay. We never use our landline for long distance, so I never bothered to get a cheap carrier – our base rate is $0.10 a minute. We were already expecting a huge cell phone bill, considering how much time we’ve spent on or cells with everyone, but now we’re going to have a quite possibly gigantic phone bill to match. Hooah!


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Saturday night, I went to the Amma Auction with Anna. We ate good Indian food, had some lassis, and in general enjoyed ourselves thouroughly. Anna got three little statues (two Ganeshas and a Kali, I believe) and a 108-bead rudraksha mala blessed by Amma that she ended up giving to Mike the next day.

I got a choker. I wish I had a picture to post! OMG, it’s the bestest thing ever – it’s got a giant rudraksha in the center and is flanked by two red coral beads, and then the rest of it is rudrakshas in decending size. It’s on silver wire, and many of the beads have silver caps. It’s GORGEOUS. It retailed at $130 but I got it for $80. It makes me soooooo very happy.

The opening bid was $40. (It was a ‘silent’ auction, so the bidding was on paper.) I went back an hour or so later, and still had the only bid. Then after som lassi and watching the satsang as a whole buy a purple bag for Puffer (because he was wearing a purple suit), I went to check the bid sheet again.

Someone was bidding against me!

I bid again, and then she bid again, and then she and I talked and she told me she didn’t want it that much and that she’d let me have it. I went off to the bathroom – only ten minute left! – and Anna saw her bid again anyway!

Anna, bless her soul, bid for me. I got the necklace for $80. I had to put it on plastic because I didn’t have that much cash with me. But yay anyway!

The satsang also bought Amma’s shoes for Vaju. Since she’s got the temple in her basement anyway, it’s a great place for them to be since we can all enjoy them.

(There’s a ritual in Hinduism of doing pada puja to the guru’s feet. When the guru is not present one would use a stylized icon, like a pair of brass “slippers”, for the puja. Having a pair of the guru’s actual shoes – in this case a pair of Birks – is a blessing because the shoes are prasad. )

All in all, the evening was quite fun and I’m glad I went. Only about seven people signed up for Seva, though.

Howdy, there, you half a foot of snow. Your timing a bit weird, you know. I’m all ready for spring and then you come along, white and fluffy and blindingly bright. Every time I looked outside yesterday you surprized me.

You’re still coming down, aren’t you! You sneaky little monster, you. Because of you, it took me forever to dig out the Jeep this morning. And the drive in was a little freaky, especially the two miles from the house to blacktop!

Thank goodness for 4WD.

Love and a .45

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Here’s a long-winded reply to a comment on yesterday’s blog. I thought about it a lot.

Keef’s right, resentment is a cancer in a relationship. And while the tone of my blog was harsh, that’s how I speak in real life. I swear like a longshoreman, and my language is often harsh – generally for comic effect. But sometimes bitching is just venting, and sometimes men are full of shit. The work of a marriage is never fair or balanced in snapshot! Nevertheless, balance is there, from one moment to the next.

Weekend Of Fun

March 13th, 2004 | Posted by administratrix in Blurbs - (1 Comments)

The girls – Anna, Misty, Tahmi – talked me into disco nite tonight. We’ll be dressing up and dancing disco at the Red Rock. (Just a DJ, not a real band or anything.) If it wasn’t disco, I certainly wouldn’t go – but I do so love the disco.

I plucked the hell out of my eyebrows last night! They look fucking perfect today.

Josh told me after bowling Thursday that the coolest thing IN THE WORLD would be: to have a disco party in the barn and have Kevin & Aimee DJ it.

He’s right, of course. That truly would be the coolest thing in the world. We’d have to rent a disco ball and find some cocaine, though. 😉 If you don’t know who Kevin & Aimee are, you’re bummin’ because they can DJ the holy hell out of some disco. They used to DJ those old MIU dances back in the day, and their vinyl collection was a sight to see. They’re all married and comfy now; I bump into them about once a year now and can witness that they’re still both hip as can be.

Someone’s here. Noah, maybe? Full-size white truck, at least. I haven’t been downstairs yet, although I do believe its time to go make some chai.

Man, Am I Busy

March 12th, 2004 | Posted by administratrix in Blurbs - (5 Comments)

Housework, a website client, Satsang stuff… eek! I’m glad it’s spring or I’d be depressed with all the stuff I need to do.