LOTD 5.7.04

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Addicting Games.com. You know, for boredom.

Bowling Banquet

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Today I’m working, and it is not, as I’d feared, The Most Beautiful Day Of The Year. It’s overcast, and a bit chilly. A nice day, no doubt, but not the nicest.

I went to the bowling banquet last night. The ‘banquet’ was a potluck at the bowling alley, complete with special bowling alley odor, and a hard-to-hear, mic-free presentation of awards.

Myself, I left with a little wooden bowling pin with my name on it, twenty bucks, and a seedling mum. Not a bad haul, really, especially when you consider the chocolate chip cookie/cream cheese icing/chocolate pudding dessert thingy I had three pieces of.

Anna got a trophy for her 602 series; she was completely geeked out, having never received a trophy before. She also got a WIBC pin.

After the event, Anna stayed to bowl a game with a few others, and I caught a ride back to the square where my Jeep was parked. I took Lucy’s banquet spoils to her and hung out for half an hour or so with her and Jana and the baby, to whom I sang a few songs.

Eventually I picked up Miko and headed homeward, where I passed out and slept the sleep of a girl who had had one and a half cocktails before dinner.

I had lunch today at La Hacienda with Joe. I ate the mushroom quesadilla – they have truly miraculous Mexican melting cheese there.

After work today I intend to visit The At Home Store for some yarn, and then – no ifs, ands, or buts about it – I’m going home and taking a nap, dammit.

Brett says he’ll be working all weekend, so come hell or high water I will complete my latest website gig, and maybe even re-do my own site some.

Off to do the weekly dispatch installation report. Ciao.

Yesterday I was home with, ah, shall we say ‘unhappy guts.’ I wasn’t exactly terribly sick, but you gotta understand at work I share a bathroom with men; and it’s pretty boomy, that bathroom, and it’s right on the hallway, and I just didn’t want to have to go in there. If you know what I mean.

Long story short, I’m working tomorrow to make up for not being here yesterday, and THAT means that I’ll be indoors on what will be – judging by today’s weather – The Most Beautiful Day Of The Year.

In other words, I’m boycotting bar food.

I was joined in my misery yesterday by Joe, who’d come out the night before to shoot guns with Brett down in the back 40. He crashed on our couch, but our couch killed him. He moved like an old man all day yesterday, poor guy. I hate back pain.

This morning I came in early, and went to 2nd Street for coffee… and Misty and Steve and Penny and Enzo were all there, and they were interesting and fun and I was late to work AGAIN because all those swingshift workin’ people distracted me. Argh! I NEVER WANT TO WORK AGAIN, I JUST WANT TO FUCK OFF FOR A LIVING!

Last night, Brett and Joe and I went to La Hacienda for Cinquo de Mayo. (Mainly because I’d been sick all day and didn’t want to cook dinner.) I feel bad about not giving all of my Mexican food business to Los Portales, but at La Hacientda you can drink margeritas and smoke cigarettes, and they’ve got climate control. A/C is a really huge factor when picking a restaurant most of the time.

It’s 1:05 so I’m off to lunch.

LOTD 5.6.04

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I really enjoyed my visit to designbyfire.com, a nifty techy-geeky-homey site. It uses MT, so there’s hope for my future layout to not look exactly like MT.

If ya wanna email me…

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I got sick of all the spam. And the bounces on messages I didn’t even send. Argh.

Therefore, I have disabled all my old email addresses. All of ’em. Every single last one. My new address is posted in Rants, and of course you can always reach me using Rants’ messaging feature or the Feedback form.

Damn spammers. I hate them!

Short outage

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Rants and MT comments didn’t work for a bit this morning.

I disabled my old administrative account, “mush,” and since all of the scripts belonged to that user they wouldn’t execute until I chown’d those scripts to the new admin username.

I think everything works now, but if you have any problems, please let me know by using the feedback form. Thanks.


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I haven’t had much time lately to work on the new goblinbox.com layout, so we’re stuck for now with this fairly plain MT style. Someday I’ll get to it, I promise! For now, you’ll have to content yourself with the usual suspects: the board, my blog, and my knitting prowess.

Peafowl, porches

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As you may know, we’ve only got peacocks right now. No peahens. I found this Iowa hatchery and think I’ll have to order myself some peahens! I think I also want some guineas, and maybe some ornamental layers. I’d order them today, but I have to pay the mortgage today instead. Sigh.

This topic brings me to the porch, since I’m certain peafowl love porches.

(Click to see me bigger!)

This weekend Brett put in another French door. Now we have two that open onto… a non-decked porch. Someday it will be the coolest porch in the world, but right now it’s a bunch of slats with tarps nailed to them. Sigh again.

Well, I gotta go get in the shower so I can be on time for my lunch date. Ciao!

First of all, Todd Rundgren is a Mac guy. Of all things! (This is what you learn when you go to Todd’s site and sit thru the entire Flash show.)

Second of all: I fucking hate Real. Their software installation procedure is a pain in the ass, and I loathe that they think I’m acutally going to register every single time I instal a freakin’ copy of RealPlayer! (I tried using blah@blah.com to register today, but – surprize! – that email address is already registered.) I’d use my real email and pwd, but none of them work. (I have a limited number of email/pwd combos I use for throwaway shit like REGISTERING YET ANOTHER COPY OF REAL.) I also hate that Real has a built-in browser and wants to waste bandwidth force feeding me all kinds of crap I absolutely do not want – and I’ve tried to get involved with my Real software over the years, and help it find me stuff I like… it can’t. Ads are ads, and badly targeted ads suck as much as non-targeted ads do.

I also hate that basically every fucking MP3 player there is has a built-in browser. At least Winamp’s doesn’t load every time you boot the app!

I am also just sick of all the apps one needs just to hear the occasional snippet on the web; I just wanted to hear a house mix of some crazy old Todd song.

Third, todd-is-godd has a new album out! Good for Todd! (I love Todd. I’ve loved Todd for years. I’ve bought Back to the Bars FIVE TIMES over the years.)


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Just in case I hadn’t made it clear: this is not the final layout. It’s a template I got somewhere. Goblinbox.com will not look like this forever!

Never fear!

And now it’s five, so I’m off to pick my truck-less hubby off at the pub. Ciao!