Weekend Update

May 18th, 2004 | Posted by administratrix in Blurbs - (2 Comments)

Weekend blowouts, vehicles that don’t run, and the left tonsil from hell: a weekend in the life of the Mushlette. Argh!

Brett and I had our annual blowout last weekend. If you’ve been reading this blog for any while, you already know the topic. If you haven’t, here’s a brief synopis:

Generally, I do my contributions to the household, he does his, we laugh and talk and have fun and enjoy a really great marriage. Then we both stop, and it gets weird and nasty. Then we talk about it and feel better. Rinse and repeat.

The fight’s always the same: he gets mad ’cause I’m slacking on my duties, and during The Talk finds out that I’m slacking because he hasn’t accomplished any of the things I’ve asked for in the past 3/6/9/12 months. Then he feels as much the asshole as I do, and from there we realize we really love each other, and it’s actually horribly theraputic and wonderful and against my every intention is teaching me how to communicate with an actual male-type person.

He's The Man

May 13th, 2004 | Posted by administratrix in Blurbs - (1 Comments)

I am forced to agree: .frank does start a damn good thread. Five pages and counting!

Behold his first long-thread triumph: the infamous poetry thread.

How to feel cute

May 13th, 2004 | Posted by administratrix in Blurbs - (7 Comments)

A really good way to feel cute is to rearrange your bedroom.

I did it last weekend, and every night since walking into my bedroom to go to bed has been lovlier than it was before! Hooray!

Sweeping a year’s worth of gunk – dust and dog hair and an empty icee cup – out from under the bed probably helps, too.

– – – – –
All I really care about, web site-wise, is the knitting blog. I love that thing. Truly.

– – – – –
I still haven’t really looked at the Jeep. I think the plan is to let it sit until next week, then fill it full of radiator fluid and drive it to Irvin’s and let him try to deal with it. Being wheelless sucks, rather.

– – – – –
It’s chillier than I expected it to be today. I wish I’d worn socks. And maybe a sweater.

– – – – –
Did I mention that I finished prairieagcoop.com? Yay!

– – – – –
Chevelle-less Matt stopped out last night, and he and Brett had a few beers and talked. Chevelle-less Matt has a nice new late model truck; he offered to let me drive it, but I explained I try to only drive vehicles that are shorter than me.

Anna came out last night, too, and I took digital pics of all of her knitting stuff. It was really fun. She’s a doll. We both agreed that knitting is better when you can post about it on the Internet, since husbands typically don’t give flying fuck about one’s knitting triumphs… even if the item is for them!

– – – – –
We still need to buy peahens! Ack!

– – – – –
We still need to find Gomez and get money from him! Ack!

– – – – –
In March I called two places and paid them with my check card Mastercard: the propane place, and Access Energy.

The propane guy told me the payment was denied, so I called my bank.

They said the money was in there, and the CC payment should go through just fine.

Turns out neither of the CC payments I made that day went through – neither has cleared the bank. And there was a disco notice from Access Energy on my door when I got home last night! Damn bank anyway; there was $600+ in my account that day! The teller told me so!

– – – – –
I’m going out to lunch with Joe today; I’m waiting for him to call me back and come pick me up. Yay, Joe!


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I really want to redesign this site, but I haven’t got the time! Argh!

Just Stay Home

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I think the whole problem with this era is the people in it.


No discipline, no restraint, no one knows how to listen or be compassionate. Everyone’s convinced that her way is the only way, and that other ways are wrong.

People say things like, “This beheading is a good act because the Iraqis have been oppressed and whoever is oppressed should defend themselves. As a Muslim I support this act,” and they mean it.

‘An eye for an eye’ is the slogan of a weak creature, one who is ignorant. All pain is answered; repaying pain with pain will always and forever fail to create anything other than more pain.


May 12th, 2004 | Posted by administratrix in Health | Love & Marriage | Redneck, Rural, Rustic - (Comments Off on Imbalances)

I still have nearly every symptom there is associated with hypothyroidism… except for high TSH. The anxiety I was suffering from last year is under control, thankfully, but there are still two symptoms that I have that I particularly dislike.

The first is hair loss. As I’ve said before, I don’t think I’m a particularly vain female, but my hair keeps getting thinner and thinner, and it really makes me bummed. I feel that glasses, bad skin, and pudginess are adequate crosses to bear, and that potential baldness is just going a little bit too far! I mean, honestly – can anyone suggest that it’s in any way fair?!


May 11th, 2004 | Posted by administratrix in Knitting - (Comments Off on Knit)

I worked on I.C.K.* some today; I don’t really know much about CSS so it takes me a long time to get stuff to look the way I want. (For instance, I actually want the content on Iowa Chicks Knitting to be centered, but I have no idea yet how to do that!)

Here’s my knitting gallery. And I’m also on Ravelry, here.

*Iowa Chicks Knitting was a community knitting website I ran for awhile. It’s now defunct.

LOTD 5.11.04

May 11th, 2004 | Posted by administratrix in LOTD - (2 Comments)

“I love food shaped like other food!” It’s today’s silly but colorful LOTD.

Time? What time?

May 10th, 2004 | Posted by administratrix in Blurbs - (2 Comments)

I’m one of the seva coordinators for the Fairfield satsang. This means I have, essentially, a part-time volunteer job. A job I’m not entirely sure I have time for. It’s only May and I’m already feeling overwhelmed – and I’m not even doing the bulk of the work, my partner is.

This morning, for instance, I finally booted up the satsang laptop. (I’ve had it for a week.) I need to edit the letter header because the old logo is outdated, print out the assigned seva letters in duplicate, add a layout for printing reports, assign sevas to a few people we haven’t done yet, and in general catch up. Sound fairly easy? Well.

I had to install print drivers on the laptop. Then I ran out of ink for my printer (of course). I’ve been working on this since I got up. I’m supposed to go meet my co-coordinator at one, but I haven’t even showered yet. So what am I sitting here blogging for?

Good question. I guess I just need to vent. I feel overwhelmed. I intended to finish prairieagcoop.com this morning, and I haven’t even cracked that yet. And, in an attempt to transfer files, I unplugged the printer from the laptop, which shut down Windows. Argh! Damn USB anyway.

I’m also the satsang webmaster, and I have two weeks’ worth of emails to go through – they all contain changes to the site. I needed to do that this morning too: but when? I also have to go to Christina’s and work on assigning sevas, visit the bank, buy groceries, and have dinner on the table at 6:00! And tomorrow through Thursday I work, and Friday… Basically, I’ve been doing website or satsang stuff on Mondays and Fridays, which leaves me the weekends for household work, and while I manage to find time for knitting I’m still behind on everything. I needed to have prarieagcoop.com finished today! And it’s 12:34 already!


May 10th, 2004 | Posted by administratrix in Blurbs - (3 Comments)

Sunday morning Brett and I had a fight.

Actually, when I say we ‘fight’ it usually means one of us says, “Why don’t you just get the fuck away from me for awhile,” followed by many hours of silence, followed by our usual giggling silliness.

This fight, however, was my fault. I tried really hard to make it not be my fault, but it just was. I was being petty, selfish, mean, and childish. All at once. So I apologized (to Brett’s back) and when I didn’t get a response I left the room.

Brett proceded to sleep much of the day. He slept in bed until noon, and then he took a nap on the couch a few hours later. I guess he was really tired.

I was pissed off at myself, so I attacked some housework with a vengeance. I hate housework. It’s much easier to do when you’re angry or depressed. I’ve often suspected that an antiseptically clean house is a sign of a bad marriage.

Brett didn’t talk to me until he’d been up for several hours. He sure knows how to make a girl sad.

By the end of the day we were fine again, and we didn’t go to bed mad. Not that I like fighting with him, but at least we do sometimes! It means we’re normal, I think.