Weather Panel

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I adore this Today plugin (for PPC)! It’s $7.99, it lets you add four cities, and it’s adorable! I’ve got Batavia and Fairfield of course, and also Mt. Pleasant and Naperville! Whee!

Three new PPC skins

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Two new Today themes and a custom Dashboard skin are available in the Skins section.

Comments now working

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The comment popups for this page are now working. They don’t match the site, but they work. The archive templates are still under construction and will continue to look crappy indefinitely.

Take care of my puppy!

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I just dropped off Shiva at the vet clinic to get neutered. He didn’t want to go into the cage very much; the only time he’s ever been back there was about two years ago when he mysteriously collapsed. Brett and Jay took him to the vet, and he spent the weekend there. Dr. Weigert (I think) first gave him a farm poison antidote, which did nothing, and later gave him an anti-inflammatory which seemed to help. We worried briefly that he had some kind of nerve disorder but it never happened again. (While not likely, I don’t think it’s entirely imossible that he’d managed somehow to eat a pot brownie; there were some floating around that day as people were over and there was a BBQ going on. I don’t understand myself how people over the age of 18 can ingest those things and still function, but nobody asked me. Which is why I have a blog, natch.)

Tuesday: It's the New Monday

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The Jeep’s got a new problem: the steering wheel doesn’t return. Know how when you turn your vehicle around a corner, the wheels want to return to center? Well, mine don’t now. It’s strange, and the Jeep’s a bit of a handful if it’s windy. I guess I’ll be taking it back into the shop again in a few weeks when I’ve got the cash.

Got my first DirecTV bill and the Starz package, which is supposed to be free for a month, isn’t. Now I have to call them. Why can’t companies get shit right the first time, I ask you?


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I have cramps from hell. I came in late, and I’m leaving early. Ugh.

Naps are napalicious

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After the dehumidifier had been running all night, the house was dry. Wonderfully, blessedly dry. It had ceased to smell funky and everything!

Then, of course, the weather rolled in the basement flooded. Again.

Brett finished my new laundry line this weekend, so now I have a state-of-the-art laundry drying facility that I’m just dying to use… if one can truly describe herself as ‘dying’ to do laundry… but it just keeps raining all the time!

I washed most of my Amma doll’s wardrobe yesterday and hung it out to dry, but had to bring it in when a mean-looking black cloud passed over, noisy and spitting rain. The rest of my laundry time was devoted to washing rugs… I am so happy that the rainy season is almost over; perhaps my home will be spared another flood until next year.

I can’t remember if I told y’all that Brett finally installed an outdoor spigot? Yay! As soon as I find a warm day and a garden hose, some dogs I know are gonna get baths. And they ain’t gonna like it, no sir! Tee hee!

I basically slept all weekend. I slept and slept. I slept 12 hours at night and then took napw. I usually keep myself going on caffiene and nicotine, and once in awhile I quit and fall down for a few days. I know it can’t be good for my endocrine system but when the choice is between a cup of coffee and not being able to move, I drink a damn cup of coffee. This weekend I had no coffee and no cigs, and so I slept about 16 hours a day. I’d say it was great except I’m still tired, of course.

I got my thyroid book Saturday and had read it by the next day. Now I’m on a mission to find someone – maybe Penny’s Dr. England – to either put me on some T3 or to test me enough that I no longer suspect I have a thyroid disorder. I have officially rejected the idea that this is “normal aging” and am on something of a crusade, dammit.

I totally freaked out on poor Mr. Brett, telling him in tears how tired I am of living my life at 60% day after day after day, and how sorry I am that he has to suffer from it too, and how pissed off I am about the whole thing. Before, I felt embarassed, or lazy, or out of shape, or dehydrated, or whatever – but now I’ve reached my point. I’m pissed. I don’t think it’s cute that I should have to feel so off, nor do I think I need to feel guilty about it any more. I’ve self-diagnosed, yes, but I’m an intelligent woman and will accept a life of dullness and disassociation as ‘normal aging’ the moment it’s proved to me that my thyroid/endocrine/pituitary function is normal, dammit!

I can’t express how tired I am of always and forever being tired. Bah.

Hey, it’s 5:00! I get to leave now! HURRAH!

Cells are back on

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I’m pleased to announce our cell phones are back on. We ignored them all weekend, however, and holed up at home.

I have installed yet another template on my blog page. I really, really, really need to manifest some time to actually redesign the site. It’s looks baad these days.

Cells are back on

June 1st, 2004 | Posted by administratrix in Blurbs - (0 Comments)

I’m pleased to announce our cell phones are back on. We ignored them all weekend, however, and holed up at home.

I have installed yet another template on my blog page. I really, really, really need to manifest some time to actually redesign the site. It’s looks baad these days.

Friday Adventures

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Finished up with Prairie Ag today; I drove out there this morning and taught Brian how to upload his spreadsheets using CuteFTP and picked up my final check. Whee! Sure is nice to get paid, ain’t it?


Stopped at the Mt. Pleasant square on the way back and ate at the local Mexican restaurant, Little Mexico. Had chile rellenos. They’re of the school that doesn’t remove the seeds from the chiles – I frown upon that. It doesn’t stop me from eating them, but I tend never to order them again. The ‘new’ Mexican restaurant in Fairfield, La Hacienda, also does not remove the seeds. All hail Los Portales, home of the best chile relleno in the whole wide world!


Back in Fairfield, I put my shiny new check into the bank and then went straight to the At Home Store and spent $40 of it on a groovy knitting bag, a skein of bulky to finish my second set of Fuzzyfeet with, and a set of tiny needles for a pair of socks I feel coming on soon.

A dry basement is a less-smelly basement

When I got home, Brett and Brady were here holding down the living room furniture. (Bless ’em, the shit might fly away if those big strong boys weren’t sittin’ on it all afternoon! Tee-hee!) After I transferred my stuff into my new space age knitting bag of excellent design, Brett, being the demanding ogre he is (snort!), sent me back into town to rent a dehumidifier from 1-Stop, so I got to see Bo and Jason and Joe in their new habitat.

Joe came charging out of the swinging doors of his cave (the shop in the back, where he’s pretending to be a small engine mechanic but is probably only huffing fumes out of random cans) holding his arms up like a surgeon scrubbed to cut something wearing big scary black gloves on and said, “Oh, Mush, look, I’m ready for you!” I wrinkled up my nose and laughed and said, “Ewh! You naaasty little wench!”

Flesh of dead animal, anyone?

I stopped at the store next and picked up a bag of briquettes and some dead ground up cow and then came home, where I started the dishes and BBQed hamburgers and potatoes for Brett, Brady, and Jimbo, who were by then all working on remodelling the job trailer. (It’s got new, or more, or lowered shelves… I’m not really clear on what they did, only that they’re extremely pleased with it all.) I mixed the hamburger with chopped onions, salt & pepper, and about two teaspoons of chipotle hot sauce before forming the patties. They were quite a hit. The potatoes I diced coarsely, tossed with sliced onions, olive oil, salt and pepper, and paprika, and cooked on the grill in the veggie wok. I burnt the hell out of them by putting them on too early, but in my defence the menfolk always do the BBQing so I’m out of practice, and Brett and Brady both professed to a fondness for charred foods.

A helper helping, that’s me

After dinner, I knitted a few more rows. Then I did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen, helped Brett pour concrete in the holes around the new laundry line posts, helped Brett (not much, though – he’s getting better!) plumb the line for the new outdoor spigot, helped Brett get the bucket to put water in to fill from the new spigot to carry over to the new laundry line posts to pour on the concrete.

Somewhere in all that me helping him do stuff I’ve only needed done for about two years, he somehow decided he’s earned himself a nice blow job.


The mind absolutely boggles. Who the hell was home all day? (Snort!)

Bad software kills

Now it’s dark, and I’m in my office/meditation room, entering kitchen sevas into a spreadsheet I’ll import into the Seva Database, a useless, tedious, horribly bad piece of software I helped into being last year. The Center has someone building a truly elegant online seva assignment application that I long to use when it’s ready next year – I am not kidding when I say my database is not much better than doing the assignments by hand.

I have to go to a Coordinator’s Meeting at 10:30 tomorrow morning too, so at least I won’t have to make my own morning beverage – I’ll be able to buy it (decaf, for chrissakes) at 2nd Street.


So I’m off to finish my last few pages of data entry, then to my soft, squishy bed and my beloved Swell sheets.

Until then, lovies, I remain,

Your Faithful Mushlette.