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I visited Meredith Hirsch Salon last Monday and got my hair cut. I also bought some yummy-smelling product. Yay! I haven’t had a pro hair cut in several years; lately I’ve just been hacking it off with kitchen shears when it gets too ratty looking. Meredith knows my style and gave me your basic wash-and-go cut, and I love it. It feels great, and all that left-over blonde is now gone. This is the first time my hair’s been entirely its natural color in a loooong time.

Chloe and Christina were out yesterday, cleaning and organizing the barn and the Princess house for their upcoming bash. It’ll be a doozy: two kegs, grills, three or four live bands, and a giant bonfire. Mark your calendar because it’s next Saturday here at the farm.

Today I need to finish the EBOC newsletter, and tomorrow I’ll be working on Gotta make some money because we have a $1,000 balloon payment due May 1st and Brett’s truck just shit the bed and needs fixed. Gack.

Brett’s out mowing the lawn right now; we went to town this morning and bought new blades for the mower. Last year’s blades were well and truly hashed.

We stopped at the grocery store on the way home. “For lunch,” I said, “and to get some toilet paper.” I asked Brett what he wanted for lunch and he couldn’t tell me, only that he didn’t want anything I suggested. It’s so frustruating. I DON’T EAT MEAT, so it’s really fucking hard for me to suggest something he might want! I finally told him to go pick out a TV dinner if he was going to be that way. I also said I’d preferred it back in the day when he ate what I cooked and complimented me on it; now he complains about ‘vegetarian food’ and swears he needs ‘more than that’.

He seems to think in order to be happy he has to eat bar food: nasty meat, fried side dishes – high in calories and fat and devoid of significant nutrition. When I buy the kinds of things he says he wants to eat, it’s all basically pre-prepared crap and expensive steaks, and it costs just as much as eating out. He used to like my cooking, but now apparently he wants meat and potatoes, which leaves me preparing meat, a starch, and a vegetable, and eating only side dishes myself. I can’t eat like that – and to be honest, neither can he. (He’s still convinced I’m the only one who has gained a bunch of fat since we’ve been together. It’s as if the beer belly is invisible to him or something. Not that he’s fat, but he will be in a few short years if he doesn’t pay attention!)

My plan has always been to make an effort to serve clean, light meals at home, and let him eat whatever shit he wants to eat for lunch. (In a typical week, Brett has Logli’s pizza and cheeseburgers, George’s, and McDonald’s for lunch.) He used to like that plan, but lately he wants steak and potatoes on the table when he gets home, and while he doesn’t really complain or whine overtly he gets the point across that he doesn’t want stir-fry or soup and salad.

It’s not like I always make bland or fat-free vegetarian food, either. There’s more fat calories in spinach enchiladas suizas with rice and beans than there is in a porterhouse and baked potato with sour cream; he’s just got this idea in his head that he’s a “meat and potatoes” guy.

I’m somewhat at a loss what to do. I can’t afford to eat what he wants – I’m overweight as it is, and I’m also not at all interested in cooking two seperate meals each time I step into the kitchen. Most homemade vegetarian cooking is heavy on veggie prep and on individual dishes, and adding another dish or two is just out of the question.

Today, for instance, I’m going to make cream of cauliflower soup and spinach salad for lunch, and he’s indicated he’s probably going to go to the Ba-tavern for a tenderloin and fries.

I’m going to have to have a serious discussion with him about this because it’s getting a little too complicated. He deserves to be served food he likes, but I also deserve the same. And we both deserve to eat better food – no one can really survive eating out all the damn time.

So enough venting, I’m off to finish that newsletter. TTFN!

Not as bad as I'd feared

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I googled the “Owned by }f3n1x{” message and found another OpenJournal site that is similarly owned. Then I went to OJ and discovered there’s an upgrade that addresses the vulnerability. Doh!

I’m not using the script any more anyway, so I just removed it.


I've been hacked!

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Once upon a time, my blog was running on an app called OpenJournal. The scripts lived in the cgi-bin, and the output of the scripts was written to html in a directory called oj.

Then I started using another blog system,, and saved my new blog documents to I don’t think I’ve looked in the /oj directory since then.

But I looked today, because I wanted to remind myself of what OJ’s features are, as I might install it for a client. Lo and behold – there’s a little love note there for me:

Someone with either my login or root renamed the existing index.htm into index-old.htm, and then created a nice “}f3n1x{ forever” page in its place.

This happened on February 23 of this year.

Fortunately, if anything on the server was actually damaged, it wasn’t in my domain. Whew. Bless the funny but non-damaging hacker.

It’s so weird… it’s like someone coming in your house while you’re sleeping and stealing your TV. I’m so spooked out!

So kudos to Mr./Ms. Phoenix for visiting but being a conscientious guest and not totally fucking up my entire non-backed-up web site. I hope you enjoyed your visit to one of LISCO’s oh-so-hackworthy Cobalt boxen.

Getcher blog published

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The Guestbar over at has a request for blogs or entries about:

Craft Projects
Great stories about food
Great travel tips or stories

Just FYI, kiddos.

Antibiotic Means Anti-Life

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Antibiotics: The “Do’s” “DO take all of your medication. Continue taking your antibiotic even when you feel better. If you don’t finish the prescription, you may not kill all the bacteria and you may get sick again. The bacteria still alive can then become resistant, worsening the infection you already have, and making it harder to treat.”

You know, since I’ve rarely if ever finished a full course of antibiotics, I may personally be responsible for the mutation of certain bacteria.

Dire news, indeed.

LP my ass

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Farmer’s Coop did not bring me LP today! The rat bastards. I’ve still got the heat turned off because the tank’s at 8% and we’d run out if the furnace came on for ten minutes.

Damn, damn, damn.

AND they’ve got $131 of my dollars! I ran a freakin’ space heater to keep warm today!

And both of us with a nasty cold, too. Insufferable. Hurumph.

Portable Keyboard

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I’ve bid on a Saitek Slimline Keyboard over at eBay. The auction ends in three hours and I’m the only bidder, so I might actually get it.

Last winter I bought an iPAQ kit that included a “keyboard” (and I use the term loosely); Tahmi told me I wouldn’t like it – she said all the reviews said it sucked eggs – and she was completely right.

The entire kit – screen protectors, PDA case, and keyboard, by iConcepts – was useless shit. The stylii are almost acceptable and I’ve actually used one a couple of times. The driver disk for the “keyboard” didn’t work (“The disk in drive A: is unreadable. Would you like Windows to format this disk?”) and I spent forever trying to locate the driver on the net.

I found one at the manufacturer’s site that installed onto my device properly, but the keyboard didn’t work at all. I mean, if you pushed “t” the Windows menu would drop down, if you pushed “s” it would type a “k,” and none of the app keys worked.

I did a little surfing for reviews on the Saitek keyboard, and the few I found were positive. Hopefully this means I’ll soon have a working PDA keyboard again; I never really use my keyboards much – I’ve had one for every PDA since the Newton – but when you want to use it, you really want to use it and it sucks not to have one.


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Now what I really want out of life, besides for this joy-killing life-sucking uncomfortable fucking sinus infection to GO AWAY, is a USB hub shaped like a flying saucer and lit up from within with green LEDs. Why don’t I have one of those?


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I woke up sick again this morning, for the 11th day in a row. We, and I use the royal, were not pleased.

So I called Medical Arts and talked to a nurse. I tried to get her to just give me antibiotics, but no – I had to go into the office so they could weigh me, look in my ears, feel my tonsils, and charge me $51.00 for the priviledge.

My appointment was at 9:40 AM. I was back in the Jeep, exiting their parking lot at 9:59. FIFTY-ONE DOLLARS?!?!?

I guess you have to be friends with your clinic for them to call in script for you without seeing you. I know they did it for my mom once or twice when I was a kid… of course, I had chronic bronchitis way back then so it wasn’t like there was any question of what I required: codine cough syrup and antibiotics.

I suppose your average 35-year-old can’t tell for sure if she’s got a sinus infection, so by gosh we’d better look in her ears!

My doctor doesn’t impress me as being particularly bright, either, although he is terribly good natured and friendly.

At DrugTown I picked up my first Western meds in years: $12 worth of generic antibiotics. I’ve only taken one so far and I don’t feel at all better. The literature tells me to drink lots of water, so I’ve been drinking lots of water.

Recently I went to make myself some snot-clearing herbal tea with echinacea in it, but noticed the flame looked weird. I turned off the offending burner and tried another. The flames were flickery and more yellow/orange than blue

Damn it.

So I waddled out to the LP tank and flipped back the top to read the guage: 10%.

Damn it.

I pulled the bill and it said I owe them $187. I checked my register and I gave those people $125 on the 25th of March.

I have my LP co-op in my cell’s phonebook, so I called them up:

Her: Farmer’s Co-op.
Me: Ah — (rattling phlegm)
Her: What was that?
Me: Two things. (more phlegm) First, my tank’s at 10% and I need fuel like three days ago. Second, I paid last month but it doesn’t show on my bill.
Her: Last name?
Me: Mook. M – O – O – K. Mook, rhymes with book. Probably under “Brett.”
Her: Okay, Mrs. Mook (said to rhyme not with book but with touque), no, you’re actually overpaid. Does the bill say 131 on it?
Me: Um… (glancing around for the bill I know is in another room) yeah.
Her: There’s a little minus sign next to it. That means it’s positive.
Me: Oh?
Her: A positive balance.
Me: (cough, hack, sniffle, sneeze)
Her: And what else?
Me: My tank is at 10%, the flame on my stove is all yellow.
Her: LP tank?
Me: Yeah. (like, what are we talking about here?!)
Her: Well that’s a good indicator you’re out!
Me: I checked the gauge and I need fuel.
Her: Okay, I’ll call {guy’s name I can’t remember} and it’ll be today or tomorrow, but definitely before Monday.
Me: Cool, thanks. (hack, cough)

Now I’m wondering… I thought they put us on budget in order to avoid having to pressure-check tanks when dumb asses like me failed to monitor their gauges. But if I’m calling them for fuel, then apparently they aren’t coming without a call. Which means we only used one tank of LP all winter. Is that even possible?

And more importantly, does 10% mean 10%? Or does it mean “It was 10% a few days ago and I’m not sensitive enough to register below 10% pressure.” In other words: can I cook dinner or will I run entirely out of gas?

Die, you nasty little bacteria, you’re making my sinuses hurt and I’m tired and I’ve been sick so long without it getting any better that I’ve actually become grumpy about it. Rar!

This Is It!

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This is the plugin that will allow me to display RSS feeds on my MT template. Yee-haw!

Hmm, I wonder what I’ll be doing tomorrow?