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I’ve figured it out. I’ve added a CSS. It looks lovely. Most of it works. I AM SO GLAD.

Now I’m off to export my old blog entries and then figure out how to import them into this thing. YES, I should be working.

Moving to Movabletype

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I’ve been looking for a blog app I could run on my own server. Not because I don’t already have a monstrous amount of shit on my server, but because sometimes Blogger or HaloScan are down and that pisses me off to no end.

Boring is as boring blogs

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No news, really. I’m at work, working. My router support skills are rusty (it took me three minutes to figure out what the router’s IP was ’cause I was too dense to realize that the default gateway on the client computer HAD to be the router’s IP). Brett’s cute, Mike’s a fine houseguest, the dogs are well, I haven’t mailed that letter to my aunt Screw yet, and I need a nap.

Flooding SUCKS

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It rained like hell last night and the water ran in. Damn it. Water pouring in from that innocuous crack in the foundation on the picnic-table side of the house.

We picked up all the extension cords (actually, I used a few twisty-ties to hold various power cords to nails and hooks on walls and ceilings), rolled up a few rugs, and let it flow.

Now it’s all damp, muddy, and dirty. We’ve got fans running to help it dry up faster and it’s at least half gone now, but there were a couple inches of standing water when I got home from bowling last night.

It rather bugs me when there’s standing water in my fucking living room. Is that shallow of me? (Snort!)

I bowled well last night; all games were at or over my average. It felt awkward, though – I think my approach is morphing into a new reality – and I was almost too tired to keep my eyes open. We finished early and I skipped the Backroads and just went straight home.

This morning, I called Barb for a raincheck on our Iowa City lunch date and spent a few hours in the laundromat instead. Tomorrow I might go back with all the wet towels and throw rugs.

Dinner’s ready, so I’m off to munch.

This is a really poorly

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This is a really poorly written article. If you want details, visit Rants. We’ve got the Ledger staff mainlining us details. LOVE those gossipy little Ledgerites! LOVE them!


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Operating under the assumption that no minors read my blog, I’d like to say that it is a FANTASTIC IDEA to send your man out of town with a bunch of guys for a long weekend! Because he comes back SO sweet and SO missin’ you!

Suffice it to say the nookie I’ve been gettin’ since Sunday night has been extra super duper groovy. I think I might send him away again this weekend, just so I can welcome him back! ;)

Friday I saw Tahmi for

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Friday I saw Tahmi for lunch and a visit, then picked up my satellite card and went home. I watched a show, I napped; I ate half a dozen jalapeno poppers around nine thirty. That was pretty much my evening.

Saturday I went to town in the late morning and met up with Tahmi again; we went to a rummage sale where I bought a couple of skirts and some little shallow dishes I thought would work nicely for wasabi or other condiments. Tahmi went off to a Noah’s Ark thing and I came home. Mike showed up, showered, and went straight to bed.

I left for town around six-ish. Stopped at Anna’s, and then she and I and her friend all went over to Misty’s for a few minutes. Then we went to the Red Rock. I called Tahmi at 9:15 when the band started, and she came out.

I danced for about two sets – it was great. I need to do it more often.

I sat in for my obligatory blues song, and was, as always, gratified by the great response I got: cheering and clapping and grinning and people saying with slight awe, “I had no idea you could do THAT.”

It’s so weird. You have no idea.

My voice is utterly out of shape; there are runs I used to do in Rock Me Baby that I couldn’t hit now if my life depended on it. After a week of practicing I could, of course, but I just can’t do it cold any more. I haven’t sung in years, and the voice is a muscle after all.

In essence, I now sing out of tune on a regular basis, but people oddly don’t seem to hold that against me. I myself am such a critical listener that I’m forever amazed at the things an audience will overlook if you just give ‘em a good stage persona to look at.

I watched a Liz Phair special on the Freeview channel yesterday. I have never seen a more uncomfortable, awkward, odd rock star in my life. Apparently she had (has?) stage fright and prefers the studio; her body english is weird on stage, her facial expressions are weird, and she just plain makes me want to smack her. It was so bizarre I had to watch the show twice just because I’ve never seen a worse performer on TV. She’s like watching a church talent show or something equally horrific. She should learn more about drugs or something; she’s just awful.

She was being interviewed by Billy Corrigan in part of the show, and it turns out that she knows she’s got zero stage presence and apparently it’s something she admires in other performers and is working on. But honestly, it baffles me that someone would be born with a fair amount of musical talent and be given absolutely no charisma whatsoever. It seems rather sad, really.

At any rate, the point is people react probably more to charisma that the music itself. At least, that’s what I’m forced to conclude. I am no longer a great singer – my tone’s reedy, the voice is not supple, and my pitch is really mediocre – but people are SO nice to me anyway.

I think that seeing someone simply having fun on stage has as equal impact on non-performers as the music itself. Yet, how can that be when people react so strongly to music?

For me, as a performer, seeing someone enjoy what they’re doing is so basic to performance that I don’t even count it as a virtue; it would be like congratulating a diver for being able to swim. I judge a performer not on their ability to be on stage but their ability to execute whatever they’re up there to do. In music, in singing, what I judge is a performer’s ability to sing – and by sing I mean tune, tone, timber, and time.

There are a lot of extroverts that look comfortable on stage. But most of ‘em are shitty garage rock wannabees. Charisma is, to me, the least of the stage musician’s virtues. Look at Liz Phair. She’s famous and people dig her.

I watched a special on Chicago blues recently and half the bitches on that show couldn’t sing their way out of a bag. The standards in that genre are phenominally low. Most pop singers can use their voices better than a lot of working blues singers in Chi-town. Of course, some of those Chi-town blues mammas rock the world, but some of ‘em don’t.

I just don’t know. I never have known. If I were in my own audience, I’d probably clap for me, I might concede that I could groove a little, but I wouldn’t jump up and whoop and scream and try to buy me a drink. I’m not a phenominal voice, I’m not a phenominal performer. I’ve always suspected that the reactions I get are entirely inappropriate, and I’ve always wondered why I get them.

I used to think it was a sign that performing was my dharma, but now I think it’s just some weird bennie I’m entitled to. Like, no matter what happens in your journey, you’ll always be able to sit in with some bar band and get a warm reception, no matter how you sound. (Nothing can ever truly be bad in life if you’ve got a guarantee like that! Heh.)

I talked to Brett yesterday for a few minutes and he recited a litany of gastronomic excesses: red snapper, steak, rack of ribs, whole barbequed chickens… I’m looking forward to seeing him late tonight when he gets home. I miss him when he’s away.

As for me, I haven’t done anything constructive all weekend and I don’t intend to start now. The entry way is still a mud pit, so all the floors are nasty but I don’t see any reason to do anything about it since it’ll just get muddy again in ten minutes. I’ll do the laundry tomorrow; it’s warm enough to hang stuff outside so I can do several loads in a row and get it all done in one day. I also never finished paying all the February bills so I guess I’d better get on the phone manyana and catch up on that before they shut off our power or something. But today? No plans whatsoever. Except maybe I feel a nap coming on. After all, I was out until two in the morning!

Empty nest

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Went home after work to an empty house. It’s weird; I’m used to being the one who travels! I built a fire, ate some leftovers, and read a book. Drank a glass of wine. Meditated.

Went to town and met Anna at the bar, and she gave me hand knitted socks for my Amma doll, along with a cute mala for her, too! Adorable.

We went bowling and Tahmi came out to visit. It’s fun to have an audience while bowling. I bowled my average for the evening. I’m pretty consistently mediocre in that way.

Brett called at about 11:00 to say they’d all arrived in Atlanta; Anna, Tahmi, and I took turns with my cell and we kept it to one call for all of us. The boys apparently planned to get drunk in the hotel and worry about “doing something” the next day. They’re probably eating lunch at or near the tool convention by now.

After bowling, we went to the Backroads and had another drunken sing-fest. I had oodles of fun, and Miss Tahmi commented that she was up way past her bedtime. Tee-hee! “Do you feel like you’ve stayed out late and imbibed lots of toxins?” I asked her as we were leaving. “Oh, WAY late and LOTS of toxins,” she replied.

This morning I meant to sleep until at least 8:30 but the dogs woke me up at 7:20 to be let out. (Damn Brett training them to expect such insanity!) I moved to the couch, reset my alarm, and slept until 8:45. I prefer nine hours of sleep to six, but I got up and showered and came to town for my 9:30 meeting about the cable pair database.

Now it’s noon and we just got finished; apparently there’s some pizza on the way so I might wait a few minutes to check that out, then I’m off to Tahmi’s for chai and to show her my Amma’s new socks. (I brought my Amma doll with me; she’s still in her jammies but I have her clothes. I know it’s weird to have a doll at my age but I fucking love that doll and it makes me so very happy. Anna and I are always having to remind each other that it’s okay to be in love with your Amma doll, even if you’re a “grown up”!)

After I visit Tahmi’s I don’t know what my plans are. I’ll need to go home and excercise Meathead before he eats some furniture, of course, and I think I need to pick up a bag of cat fud. I’m wondering if it’s nice enough to hang laundry out on the line and have it dry before dark.

I brought Miss Bindu to town with me; she was a big hit here in Engineering and it seems the majority of people who work in this section have dogs at home and she’s done lots of exploratory ankle sniffing. She rested under the conference table during my meeting, and now she’s under my desk taking a snooze. Love my blue dog.


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Brett left this morning for “Hotlanta” with Jason, Bo, and Jimbo. They’re officially going to visit a tool convention for 1-Stop Rental stuff, but Atlanta’s famous for its titty bars, so I’ll be surprized if they don’t visit one while they’re there. Brett seemed pretty excited to go and it’s certainly his turn; I think I’ve been out of town three or four times since the last time he got to go anywhere! I hope he has a great time.

Meanwhile, I’m hoping we ‘widows’ can all get together this weekend and do something fun. Anna and I were thinking about taking Tahmi and Joy out for some pool and some beers, perhaps. And there’s always the possibility of a little stitch ‘n bitch if Joy can’t find anyone to watch Ella for a few hours.

Brett split a “few days worth” of wood last night at the last minute, bless his heart. He’d almost gone out of town and left me with no firewood! I told him he was a Bad Husband and he just giggled at me, as usual.

Gomez was whisked away by the Pappins last night; he came home with Brett, ate some dinner, made a phone call, showered, and Reni picked him up! I was hoping he’d be at the farm on Friday so that I could party after bowling tonight and crash at Anna’s, but alas I’ll have to go home to do dog duty AND I have a meeting tomorrow at 9:30 anyway, so I guess it’s okay.

Have I mentioned lately how much I adore my USB thumb drive?!?! It’s the coolest thing since indoor plumbing. I bought a couple of books from Baen books earlier, and threw them on my removeable drive. Tonight when I get home I’ll be able to transfer them onto my PPC. Bliss!

I was waked this morning

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I was waked this morning by my amorous hubby – men and their morning nookie. Ugh! How can anyone wake up horny, I ask you? It’s just weird.

I wasn’t hungry for dinner last night, so I was starving this morning and had a breakfast of scrambled eggs and veggie bacon on rye. Then Brett and Gomez left for work and I didn’t need to leave for half an hour (I don’t have keys to this building and the doors aren’t unlocked until nine). I went to watch a bit of the weather… and fell asleep on the couch! Didn’t get to work until twenty after.

I’m quitting coffee. Had about a quarter cup of it this morning, and all it did was make me tired. I feel quasi-depressed this morning, fuzzy, and what do they call it? disassociated. Yesterday I felt great, laughed a lot, had a fairly good day.

Mood swings suck ass. I feel like my world is ending, but nothing’s happening at all.

I’d sure like to see The Passion, mostly to hear what Aramaic is thought to sound like. I am prepared to love or to hate the film as a whole; I’m not yet attached either way. I feel like people spend so much time thinking about the Christ that they end up attaching a lot of weird stuff to the idea, so I won’t be surprized if I don’t like the portrayal.

I need to get to work; I a busy day ahead of me. Yesterday I stayed an hour after work to catch up on the Rants board, because now that I have an actual job I can’t spend as much time there as I’d like. I like being busy, but it sucks to not have time to troll the board all day! I wrote a reply to the Amma quotes thread, and on the drive home decided it wasn’t a worthwhile communication and tried to get online to delete it, but couldn’t connect. So probably I’ve started another flame war, through my own stupid inability to shut the fuck up… I’ll check at lunch to see what’s happened. All I want to do is explain my experience and beliefs, but I’ve too caustic a mouth, I think, and it comes out aggressive. Plus all the other problems of online communication – lack of nuance, body language, all the other clues that include heart value and that are missing from a typed missive.

Anyway: off to do DNS for a bunch of websites I’m moving. TTFN, all.