bang (bang) n., slang. Geek-slang for an exclamation point, as in, “the password is five-five-nine-aich-bang.”

FODA (eff-oh-dee-ay) n., abbr. Flesh of Dead Animal.

goblinbox (GOB ‘lin boks) n., slang. Any kind of device (computer, PDA, cell phone, GameBoy, or television) that relentlessly sucks up all of your time and attention. If you’re reading this, you’re utilizing a goblinbox right now. You might even have a S.O. who wishes you weren’t pasted to the goblinbox who is hollering, “Turn off that blasted goblinbox and come to bed this very instant!

NOF (ehn-oh-eff) n., slang. Slang for “not our fault,” Internet support vernacular.

plam (plahm) n., slang. Slang for “palm,” palmtop.

peachfish (peech fiish) n., slang. Slang for vagina, from Tom Robbins’ Still Life With Woodpecker. I prefer this term.

QA (kew-ay) n. Quality assurance.

roo (roo) n., slang. Slang for “guru,” meaning meditator, i.e. practitioner of Transcendental Meditation. (I no longer do TM myself, but I originally moved to SE Iowa in 1992 expressly to be involved with the TM Movement.)

S.O. (ess-oh) n., abbr. “Significant other.”

STFU (ess-tee-eff-ewe) abbr. Geek. “Shut the fuck up.”

TMI (tee-em-eye) abbr. Internet. “Too much information.”

TSR (tee-ess-arr) n., abbr. “Town Super Radience,” meaning practitioners of Transcendental Meditation who live in Fairfield and meditate in the Golden Domes of Pure Knowledge but are not otherwise affiliated with the Maharishi University of Management campus.

YHBW (why-aitch-bee-doubl’ewe) n., abbr. “You have been warned,” Internet abbreviation.

YMMV (why-em-em-vee) n., abbr. “Your mileage may vary,” Internet abbreviation.

(More net slang and abbreviations here.)

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