Yarn Bomb! Incoming!

February 13th, 2011 | Posted by administratrix in Knitting - (4 Comments)

In which Dr. Mel’s going to Iceland next month, so he had to do some stash reduction.

The good news is that Mel, in a sudden stash-reduction fit, sent me two boxes of yarn:

Second box from Mel

First box from Mel (more…)


October 15th, 2009 | Posted by administratrix in Life | Whining - (3 Comments)

In which I indulge in a little pre-vacation bitching. Don’t even read this, my babies! Save yourselves! Run away!


I sit cross-legged in my office chair. This is because I am, by nature, a floor-sitter and I don’t really like chairs. Sometimes when I sit like this my feet go to sleep.

Right now my feet are asleep.


The vague itchy-tickle behind my left tonsil is still there. It’s been at least 36 hours since I noticed it. My throat seems to be a little phlegmmy.



My bed is torture. My neck hurts, my back hurts, my muscles hurt, my arms hurt, my hands hurt… constantly. It’s a mess. Yoga doesn’t fix it.

I really need to get off of those 50-year-old totally sprung twin mattresses and on to a foam-core futon or something. Srsly. This situation is off the chain.


I like my job, but it’s slow. Not a lot of call volume, and only occasional projects. I’m working O/T on Saturday. I will probably watch Netflix vids most of the day and knit on my socks.

The never-ending ankle socks

Happy Ending

The good news is, though, that I’ve survived my probation period at the new job and have just this week signed up for HEALTH INSURANCE and a DRY LOOP DSL!

And I got paid! I now have all of my NY money stashed. (I just need to stay the fuck out of it for the next nine days.)

And I finally got my swap package finished and mailed out; that’s a bit of stress off my mind. (It took me three months to finish the woman’s slippers; she sent me two cute purses and a camera strap back in August! I’m such an asshole.)

In which I still need a vacation, but haven’t scheduled one yet. (Teh BF says he’s taking me to Wildhorse casino for his birthday next month, though, so that’ll be good.)

Since my content is so lame, I am including images. I love you too.

I am tired of this ten-degrees-below-average-for-this-time-of-year weather. The wind, overcast skies, and unnecessary chill are all getting on my nerves.

I want spring to get here already. Isn’t wonderfully mild weather the whole point of living here?

Here’s my lunch. Innit adorable?

Bento #59: Quasi Middle Eastern

Making it this morning and then eating it this afternoon will doubtless prove to be the absolute highlights of the first ten hours of my day. Happy Monday.

My employer is advertising to hire another employee! I’m almost giddy with relief, actually. I had myself all convinced I was about to get laid off.

Silly brain.

My G’ma is feeding my dog entirely too much. AGAIN. The stuff she’s feeding Bindu not only keeps the dog on the verge of obesity, but it also gives her itchy butt, runny stools, and gas. (I realize that’s entirely TMI but food that does such things to a creature cannot be at all acceptable.)

I’ve tried being nice to G’ma, I’ve tried reason, I’ve tried being openly hostile, and I’ve tried simply keeping the dog away from the house as much as possible, all to no avail: there is no way to get the woman to stop overfeeding my dog each and every chance she gets.

Break Time

I have resolved to go buy appropriate dog foods this Sunday – boring old IAMS or Nutro kibbles (and, in a massive nod toward compromise, some canned food as well) that the dog is unlikely to gorge upon. I will bring these items home and put them in the pantry, and I will then proceed to throw the crap G’ma stocks right out into the garbage. The sheer wastefulness will, I hope, get her attention.

I’ve had this dog through scores of jobs, men, and miscarriages. Bindu is the love of my life and my baby. I will not let the length and quality of her little blue life be compromised because G’ma apparently feels compelled to spoil animals to death.

I watched the director’s cut of Blade Runner in bed last night. With earphones in and the Eee PC on my chest, it was a totally awesome movie-watching experience!

Size Comparison

I really love my tiny little laptoplette.

* The grocery store two blocks from my house no longer accepts my debit card, so in order to shop there I have to take cash out of the ATM and pay $1.50 for the privilege. Fuck that.

* I remain unconvinced that I can crawl back to the bandleader and be civil enough to get my old gig back. I’m just too wrapped up in my ego’s utter rage at being fired for no reason (I’ve never been fired from a band in my life, and particularly not when I did everything I was supposed to do). I’m thinking of cutting my finger nails and taking my Breedlove to open mic come Wednesday.

I can’t play for shit, but they’ll let me on stage anyway because they know I can sing.

* My dog is still fat, and it’s not even my fault.

* I don’t have a bicycle and am, apparently, too stupid to get one bought.

This evening, after spending some time with Teh BF, I hope to move forward on some of this:

Pattern drafting: complete

I really want to change my whole master plan and make the awesome dress out of the purple stuff (because it’s cotton instead of rayon), but I won’t. I will stick to the plan, because it will give me a chance to adjust the pattern with fabric that I don’t like as much. Then I can go out and buy moar cotton knit next weekend! Yay!

I haven’t knit anything in months.

Apparently I’m as incon(si)stant with my hobbies as I am with literally everything else.

Holiday Season! and Knitting!

December 1st, 2008 | Posted by administratrix in Blurbs - (8 Comments)

In which it’s like I’m turning over a new leaf or something, what with all the being organized and shit.

This is how on top of the holiday game I am:

I had my Christmas letter written yesterday, when it was still November! I have created a Christmas card list! I have purchased over half of the gifts I need! Tomorrow, since I have the day off, I’ll probably dig the box of santas out of the attic and help G’ma decorate the house.

Superfreaky, yo. I’m all in the Xmas spirit, bitches.

In other news, last night I got my knit on while watching Doctor Who1 and eating insanity bread2 on Teh BF’s couch. Using some of the yarn she gave me, I started this hat for him. Yay!

1 We’ve watched all of seasons 1, 2, and 4 of the new Doctor Who, and have only two episodes left of season 3 and then we have NO. WHO. LEFT.
We’ve also watched all of the Torchwood episodes, so we’re kinda freaking the fuck out because what delicious Brit sci-fi will we watch next?
2 Insanity bread is an invention of Teh BF’s involving frying slices of French bread in olive oil and butter, rubbing them with raw garlic, and topping them with brie and sliced tomato and avocado. It’s hella good and it looks like this.

In which I am TOTALLY not worthy!

Kaje and I had Big Plans for last night. We were going to make epic tostadas with all the fixings! and watch two (or even three!) entire episodes of Doctor Who. But someone – either Netflix or the post office – screwed up royally, and the disc I was expecting to find in my mail box was received back by Netflix instead.

In a fit of disappointment, we went to Kelly’s in Milton-Freewater and consoled ourselves with cocktails and a big ol’ pile of fried food. (And some green beans!)

When I got home after our excursion, I found a box on the stairs to my room. I carried it up, tossed it on my bed, and got out of my coat and scarf. Then I sat on my bed to examine this unanticipated package.

It was from NLW… and… you’re totally not gonna believe this…


Jayne's Hat, The Message, Firefly

Jayne with his new hat, Firefly episode 12: The Message

The card says, “Happy belated birthday! I still don’t think it’s fun to give the presents when people expect them.” Naturally, even though it was midnight at her house, I texted her AND sent her a picture immediately. Because, I mean, hell: she sent me a Jayne Hat and I totally *heart* her.

* Fans of Joss Whedon’s Firefly are rabid, and there are lots of freaks out there running around in Jayne hats.
And here’s Baldwin singing the Hero song.

Big! Brown! Bento! Sweater!

October 23rd, 2008 | Posted by administratrix in Knitting - (9 Comments)

In which there are two things! Two exciting things! Two!

The first exciting thing is that last night, while watching an episode of Torchwood, I completed the Big Brown Sweater. (You may cheer; I will hear you even over the Internet.) It spent a year and ten months on the needles, but it’s finally finished and it rules.

(The pattern is Abigail, the yarn is Decadence in chocolate, and both were from Knit Picks. Teh BF was forced at gun point by my pointing my coffee cup at him to photograph it this morning so I could put it on the intarwebz.)

It fits, it’s soft, it’s brown, I made it myself, and I intend to wear it every. single. day. from now until summer returns next year! Yay!

The other cool thing is that yesterday I decided to become obsessed with bento. (I believe it was this page that finally decided me, but I’ve had bento boxes on my wishlists for quite awhile now.)

Today I ordered the! cutest! bento box set! ever! and a few other necessary bento accoutrements (vegetable shapers, mini sauce bottles, a boiled egg shaper, resuable silicone food cups for separating wet from dry foods, and an onigiri mold) from jbox.com. They should be here late next week, and from then on I shall spend a little time after dinner every night cleverly packing leftovers for the next day’s lunch.

This new hobby will not only satisfy my cooking creativity to a certain extent (I hardly ever cook any more!), but will stop me eating at the Mexican restaurant across the street from work like twice a week. It will help me control my caloric intake, something I desperately need to do because I’m forty and built just like a brick these days, and it will have the added benefit of being way totally HELLA COOL!

Birthday Win!

October 7th, 2008 | Posted by administratrix in Knitting - (4 Comments)

In which Teh BF totally comes through with the goods!

Yesterday I got a belated b-day present from Kaje. And it’s not even electronic, but it still utterly RULEZ. It’s needles! Circular knitting needles! Awesome cute kick ass knitting needles that have been on my wishlist for, like, two years!


And not just any needles, but the Options Interchangeable Harmony Wood Circular Knitting Needle set, in actual fact. These needles freakin’ rule, bitches. They’re all multi-colored laminated birch and I totally *heart* them.

I might even feel compelled to finally finish the Big Brown Sweater, which is well over a year old now and only a sleeve and a half away from total wearability!

Does my boyfriend kick ass or what. KNITTING NEEDLES! Holy cow. I am totally teh winnar.

In which I’m a domestic goddess AND a rock star IN THE SAME DAY!


Not too terribly long ago I was standing in the shower and saw something on the wall. I reached up above the edge of the shower shell and smeared it with my finger, and it turned out to be dust. I left a big ol’ streak on the wall (because dust storms and condensation leave streaks on your latex paint, and that’s just that) and the next time I showered I stared at it I realized that it was driving me ape-nuts-batshit-crazy. I therefore determined to use my next day off for good, and vowed to wipe the walls down.

Holy shit! That’ll teach me to NEVER TOUCH A DAMP WALL AGAIN! I spent 3 hours Saturday morning cleaning the front bathroom! I scrubbed the walls, the ceiling, the fixtures, washed the valance, cleaned the mirror, washed the windows both inside and out… When I was done you could not only eat off any surface in there, you could have safely eaten the bathroom itself.

But at least there are no longer any streaks on the walls.

Or the ceiling.

Or anything else, by God! That bitch is spotless.

G’ma said, “You’re a good kid.”


KJ left work early Saturday afternoon and picked me up at home. We stopped at the Taj on 2nd for gas then headed for Roosevelt, WA. The Gorge was all moody and foggy, and we got rained on a few times. We talked our faces off.

After two hours in the car, we rolled into a town that looked like this and went into a ‘venue’ that looked like this. We sat around crowd-watching (if you can call 32 persons ‘a crowd’) in the beer garden, listening to Junkyard Jane finish their set.

Investigation revealed that the only food within a 50-mile radius was the pork, beans, and coleslaw laid out on the bar… a bar that only served beer and no hard alcohol.

It should be noted here that I don’t really drink beer.

So, to recap: no food, no cocktails, 35 rednecks in attendance TOTAL, and a rainstorm coming up. The scene had Hell Gig written all over it. I was reduced to drinking Coors Light, of all things, and wondering why the bar couldn’t at least sell me a freakin’ bag of potato chips. KJ, the doll, worked his charm and managed to make the bar’s kitchen open up just long enough to produce a salad for me while we were setting up our gear, but that joy was short-lived because then it started to rain.

The band was under a shell, but I was all bummed because I was in BFE and I figured that the few people who were there were going to leave and we’d be playing in the rain for no one, but the folks from Roosevelt totally surprised me and stayed ’til the bitter end – half of them even danced in the rain!

Some biker dude got KJ half-crocked on moonshine out in the parking lot, and Syl befriended the town’s lesbian couple. The bartender brought me a free beer. No one requested any Janice Joplin. It turned out to be one of the best crowds ever! I ended up having a really good time, and would have counted it a lucrative gig if gas wasn’t freakin’ four bucks a gallon!

In Other News

The AC adapter for my laptop is bad, but I can buy a brand new one off of eBay for $20. I may be laptopping again soon!

My dog really thinks running water is cool.

I actually broke into my knitting bag for the first time in half a year and worked on the Big Brown Sweater. Superfine alpaca, bitches!

Sunday I made a falafel feast for G’ma and KJ and ate myself into a very happy stupor. Yum!