In which I am TOTALLY not worthy!

Kaje and I had Big Plans for last night. We were going to make epic tostadas with all the fixings! and watch two (or even three!) entire episodes of Doctor Who. But someone – either Netflix or the post office – screwed up royally, and the disc I was expecting to find in my mail box was received back by Netflix instead.

In a fit of disappointment, we went to Kelly’s in Milton-Freewater and consoled ourselves with cocktails and a big ol’ pile of fried food. (And some green beans!)

When I got home after our excursion, I found a box on the stairs to my room. I carried it up, tossed it on my bed, and got out of my coat and scarf. Then I sat on my bed to examine this unanticipated package.

It was from NLW… and… you’re totally not gonna believe this…


Jayne's Hat, The Message, Firefly

Jayne with his new hat, Firefly episode 12: The Message

The card says, “Happy belated birthday! I still don’t think it’s fun to give the presents when people expect them.” Naturally, even though it was midnight at her house, I texted her AND sent her a picture immediately. Because, I mean, hell: she sent me a Jayne Hat and I totally *heart* her.

* Fans of Joss Whedon’s Firefly are rabid, and there are lots of freaks out there running around in Jayne hats.
And here’s Baldwin singing the Hero song.

Firefly. "Object In Space" episode.

February 17th, 2008 | Posted by administratrix in Blurbs - (2 Comments)

During a conversation among the crew about River’s capabilities.

“Psychic, though?” says the pilot. “That sounds like something out of science fiction.”

His wife, the first mate, replies drily, “We live on a spaceship, dear.”