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In which I buy stuff I don’t really need like an asshole, but at least it’s all used so I can say I’m “upcycling”!

Bought a table today! A used table! A TABLE YOU CAN EAT AT!

It’s a brown pub-style table and chairs set, and it’s taller than strictly necessary but I think it’ll be comfortable for the man, who is tall. The chairs are not-awful considering how austere they look, and not so high I can’t easily reach a sewing machine pedal.

I’m already imagining our having our next bi-annual games night while sitting at it, and it’s still 3 blocks away! (We’re going to bring it home when the man gets home from work.) Trivial Pursuit! Yahtzee! Cards! Dice! At a pub table! Brilliant!

New pub table + 4 chairs

I have also, I might add, in the past two months, bought: dishes, water glasses, a gravy boat, and candlestick holders, mainly in anticipation of setting a semi-proper Thanksgiving table this year. It’ll only be the two of us again, of course, but I’m so tired of eating on the couch hunched over the coffee table on holidays. It’ll be so great to sit down to a proper meal together on occasion!

You don’t think of yourself as “a table person” until you go over two years without one. I haven’t owned one for a really long time, but I lived with one until moving here. You just don’t really notice the stuff a table’s good for until there’s no table. Games night. Sewing. Filling out Christmas cards. Dinner dates. Wrapping gifts. Opening boxes from Amazon. Putting down the groceries.

I was, briefly, considering buying TV trays, but then I was just, like, OMFG, NERD, GET RID OF THE RECLINER WE LITERALLY NEVER, EVER SIT ON, AND THEN THERE WILL BE ROOM FOR A SMALL TABLE! So I took pictures of it — the recliner, I mean — and put it on Craigslist and it was not only gone in a week, but we got $25 more than we asked for!

Now that I have a table, I might buy fabric and make a runner, or placemats, or a tablecloth or something! Or, OMG, I could do seasonally appropriate centerpieces. It’s already September, I need a bowl and some pine cones and mini-pumpkins, stat! (While that is a joke, it’s also not. I’m totally gonna centerpiece it up for turkey day: I don’t even care that it’s common and privileged and totally something white bitches my age obsess over. Whoo! I even have a tray that’ll work for Xmas, maybe with candles and ornaments…)

Oh, who am I kidding. It’ll be covered in random shit within two weeks, and nobody’ll ever see any decorative centerpieces, and I’ll have to clean it off in order to eat at it, but at least I don’t have to eat on the couch anymore! Whoo! I’m gonna post the best Thanksgiving pictures this year!

In which I shop online… for clothing. Oops. But it’s not like I don’t need clothes.

Etsy is crack. Do you know this? OMG a zillion things I could totally wear right now!

It turns out that since the mall in this town is half torn down, I doubt Macy’s is going to carry anything I want, and clothes-shopping at Walmart is foul and depressing, I’ve been buying many of my clothes online since I moved here.

Behold my local mall:

Blue Mountain Mall

Last week I somehow got distracted from bike shopping and ordered a fleece wrap and some bloomers to wear under skirts. Fall’s coming, you know, and a fleece wrap is totally gonna save my life. Yesterday I ordered a dress (because I live in the tube dresses I already have) and a long-sleeved cardigan/layering thing. And today? Today I ordered pants and a groovy top.

I already have a little remorse about the bloomers, because they’re not made out of knit fabric (and y’all know about my all-knit-all-the-time clothing obsession, right?) but I’ll probably end up wearing the hell out of them. At the very least, they’ll make lovely custom pyjama bottoms.

These items are a wee bit spendy, yes. But a few unique, hand-made pieces in one’s wardrobe go a looooong way (I wear the holy living hell out of the Etsy items I already have) and now I can buy staples like t-shirts and undies at Walmart and not feel like a fucking dork.

But! Since this is all Etsy stuff and therefore handmade I’ll have to wait awhile before I actually receive any of these goodies! Aaaiieee! (*taps toe*)

I’ll get a bike next month. Swear.

In which I publicly admit to stealing resources* from my employer.

I’ve been running a little eBay side business from my desk this week. In between calls I’ve watched my auctions, printed shipping labels (with the work printer, on the work paper*), and packed Priority Mail cartons with old electronics (and taped them shut with work tape*).

I made $282.11 from four auctions. This amount is over half what I paid for the items originally, but that little bit of awesomeness isn’t even the point. The point is that if you write a good item description on eBay, you can sell ANYTHING. Even if it’s old and crappy!

The eBook sold for $101.11, which is about $15 less than a brand new one costs. (I under-quoted shipping, though, so I ended up having to spend an extra $4.55 to get the thing mailed off, making my net $96.56, which is still more than I expected to get.) One of the Pocket PCs, the e400, sold for $36 to a company that sells refurbished devices and I’m wondering if they’ll part it out or resell it on their website. The final Pocket PC sold for $99 to what sounds like a company name rather than an individual so it may find itself re-refurbished or parted out, too.

The best part of all this is that the money I got (plus $130 in Xmas money) has allowed me to order this:

[You are now hearing a very loud, angelic “AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!,” btw.]

Asus Eee 900HA

Innit ADORABLE?!?!!? It’ll be here next Wednesday.

It’s an ASUS Eee 900HA 8.9″ notebook with a 160GB hard drive, a 1.6Ghz ATOM processor, and pre-installed XP Home. (I was going to order another gig of RAM too, but they were out, so that will have to wait until I can find it elsewhere.)

I also bought an external USB CD+DVD-RW drive because my new, tiny, adorable little ASUS laptopette doesn’t have a built-in drive. I don’t want to have to share a drive over my network just to watch a movie or burn a CD.

The moral of this story is that you can totally sell old junk on eBay, and use the proceeds to buy shiny new things!

Now, can somebody make it next week already so that I can start playing with my new notebook, plz? Kthxbai.

*I probably owe BMI about 6 minutes of unpaid work after all that rampant thievery.
**This public admission of unlawfulness is all part of my attempt to join my brother in his county jail weight loss regime.

Surprize again!

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In which I never got anything this cool from an employer before.

Today during our weekly company meeting, admin announced that we wouldn’t really be having a proper Christmas party this year – only a luncheon – but then they got all giggly and ran into the back and then came out and proceeded to pass out “early Christmas presents.”

We all sat in the meeting an ripped into our little brightly-wrapped boxes.

They contained custom-engraved 8Gb iPod Touches. For EVERYONE.

And then they turned on the wireless, so we could all spend the afternoon installing cute applications on our new toys. It was so hella fun!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Apple has got the cute form factor market cornered. OMG. From the Newton to the iPod to the Wii to the iPod Touch – they’re geniuses.

In which I am TOTALLY not worthy!

Kaje and I had Big Plans for last night. We were going to make epic tostadas with all the fixings! and watch two (or even three!) entire episodes of Doctor Who. But someone – either Netflix or the post office – screwed up royally, and the disc I was expecting to find in my mail box was received back by Netflix instead.

In a fit of disappointment, we went to Kelly’s in Milton-Freewater and consoled ourselves with cocktails and a big ol’ pile of fried food. (And some green beans!)

When I got home after our excursion, I found a box on the stairs to my room. I carried it up, tossed it on my bed, and got out of my coat and scarf. Then I sat on my bed to examine this unanticipated package.

It was from NLW… and… you’re totally not gonna believe this…


Jayne's Hat, The Message, Firefly

Jayne with his new hat, Firefly episode 12: The Message

The card says, “Happy belated birthday! I still don’t think it’s fun to give the presents when people expect them.” Naturally, even though it was midnight at her house, I texted her AND sent her a picture immediately. Because, I mean, hell: she sent me a Jayne Hat and I totally *heart* her.

* Fans of Joss Whedon’s Firefly are rabid, and there are lots of freaks out there running around in Jayne hats.
And here’s Baldwin singing the Hero song.


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In which you’d never believe I could be quite this enamoured with something that you’d normally think is not my style, but I love it so, so very much!

Over a year ago, Baby Girl turned me on to Last week, I freaked out and bought a couple of rings from them… no reason whatsoever, total impulse buy.

When I got home last night, there was a package on the stairs. I carried it up to my room and ripped into it with glee.

Behold my new ring! It’s a 29.5 carat CZ set in sterling silver! It’s big, it’s gaudy, it’s tacky, it’s VERY sparkly, and I adore it. It makes rainbows in the sunshine, even! (The other ring paled in comparison, so I gave it to my awesome co-worker and she liked it enough to give it a home.)

If for some reason you can’t actually see my new GINORMOUS RING over the Internet, you may view a close-up of it here. That picture is totally LIFE-SIZED.

In other news, I got my teeth cleaned this morning. I love clean teeth!

In which there are fun times, my babies, fun times!

Saturday was Sibling Errand Day! My bro and I went to Chevron together and then to Taco Loco for GIHUGENT BURRITOES!!! Later we went to Walmart, where he bought a DVD player and blank media, and I bought some much-needed clothes (a long-sleeved t-shirt, three pairs of socks, and a pair of jeans).

When I got the jeans home I tried them on again and decided that they sucked – they were low rise so they basically won’t stay on my hipless body when I sit down – so I didn’t take the tags off of them. The other things I tossed into my dresser. I did a load of laundry and knitted on the Big Brown Sweater while watching a rip of War, Inc. with my bro on the new DVD player.

All in all, a highly wunnerful Saturday. Burritos, clothes, laundry, knitting, and a movie! I felt like teh winnar! W00t!

Saturday night I played with Barefoot, Cookie, and the Professor at Sapolil Cellars’ tasting room. My boyfriend and my brother came down to listen and drink wine. I got wine-drunk like I always do, and after the gig we went to Shari’s and pigged out on junk food.

I was pretty miserable after all that, so I ended up passing out on the couch over at Kaje’s place. I slept a lovely twelve hours and felt much refreshed.

Sunday I got a personalized tour of World of Warcrack. Kaje was playing when I woke up, so I went and sat on the counter behind him and drank my coffee and he showed me all around the place. One word: DORK. (Yes, I’ll probably start playing too; everyone else I know does.)

We went back to Walmart (yes, I went there twice this weekend. I know it’s disgusting; shoot me) and I exchanged the jeans for some knit tees and some other pants; KJ got socks. Then we went to Shopko so he could buy a crock pot. (I bought some Halloweeny Lindor truffles.) Sunday night we watched Destiny of the Daleks, which was KJ’s first exposure ever to the fifth doctor. He loved it.

Bindu and I enjoyed a morning walk to work today that looked like this:


This morning, my brother deposited a belated b-day present on my desk. It’s a Zippo lighter! With the Serenity logo on it! I love it because it’s mine and because it’s awesome.

Getting Things

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In which I accumulate.

Yesterday, my tax refund was deposited into my account. (I put basically all of it into savings ’cause I’ll need it to see Amma in Seattle at the end of next month.) Yay!

Today my PO box contained my new MOO cards! I love MOO cards. So cute. You should get some. And trade with me!

I’ve been starving for a week, just hungry all the time. This morning I took an Emergen-C with my breakfast and am not dying of hunger. Lack of B vitamins, perhaps? I bought myself two boxes and will continue supplementing for awhile longer.

In other news, I’m freakin’ stuck at Free Rice again. (Thanks, KJ. Sheesh. You had to bring it up, did you?)

In which I’m still boring and you shouldn’t even be reading this.

My new 120Gb hard drive arrived yesterday. I got it so cheap I can hardly stand myself! It came in an envelope instead of a box… I’d forgotten how tiny laptop drives are. It’s still sitting in its anti-static container, waiting to be installed tomorrow.

I bought an AC adapter for this little hard drive enclosure I rescued from the trash back in Iowa. Maybe it’ll work, maybe I’ll end up with a six-dollar adapter that I have no need for. Who knows. It would be cool though if I could put my old hard drive in it and have it work, because it’s small and has a cute little carrying case.

Today I bought an ebook for my 1150. I love that thing. (The reader, not the book. (Well, I’ll probably love the book too since it’s second of a series and I loved the first one, but I was talking about the reader.))

Hmm. What else? Well, I’m freakin’ tired. I’ve been complaining about having to work full-time, so just to kick my ass the universe suddenly causes me to find myself working overtime. Not only that, but instead of getting up at ten like I normally do, I set my alarm for 7:30 and then Bindu woke me up at six because she needed to go outside. She’s a good dog and I’d rather have her wake me than make a mess, but suddenly getting up four hours early hurts my head.

I’m supposed to go out tonight and see the Coyote Kings play, but I might just blow it off and stay home. I could probably manage to be social for a couple of hours, but I just don’t think I can stay awake until two or three when I could get a ride home from one of the musicians.

I need my own damn car so I don’t have to depend on others for rides.

Oops. I totally just did it.

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In which I complete an unpremeditated transaction.

eBookwise 1150 Reading DeviceI woke up this morning to the sound of my cell phone trilling. I had a text message. The message informed me that my paycheck had been direct-deposited into my account. Money! Yay!

During my lunch break this afternoon, I dutifully went to the post office and bought two money orders: one for mom, one for the lab that doesn’t take plastic. Later, I dutifully called and paid the surgeon and the anesthesiologist their payments.

And just now? I went to eBay and bought one of these, with a 128Mb storage card, for no good reason.

I had no intention of buying a dedicated ebook reader; it just happened. I’ve been thinking about getting one for awhile now, because while I used to love the multipurpose functionality of my Pocket PC, I no longer use it for anything but ebook reading (I use my cell phone for everything) and the form factor’s not as ideal for that as it could be.

Not only is the 1150 much less expensive than the Kindle or the Sony Reader, but it boasts instant page-turns (without the Kindle’s momentary blackscreen), a back-light, free online storage, a built-in dictionary, built-in dial-up modem, a USB port, and a gray-scale display equal to the other more expensive devices.

It seems like the 1150 is best option available, particularly considering the Kindle’s page-turn bug would drive me utterly bat shit within moments and that neither of the other devices have built-in freakin’ backlight, AND with the bundled expansion card it holds 200 books – more than either of the others. (How in the hell is someone supposed to be able to read in the dark with a device that isn’t fucking back lit? Gah!)

Anyway. I have yet to see the thing, so I don’t know if it’s really all that or not. But I think I’m gonna love it and hold it and pat it and squeeze it and call it George, and that’s the coolest thing that’s happened all day!