Holiday Shopping, check

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misty-phone-pic.jpgYesterday was Hell Day.

Hell Day is what we call the day every year when we go last-minute Christmas shopping at the Hell Mall (aka the Coral Ridge Mall, Coralville IA) to spend hours trying to find parking places and rubbing elbows with a million zoned-out Coneheads and getting testy with each other. Snort!

Mr. Brett was already in overwhelmed-and-grumpy mode before we’d even found a parking place, because I’d wanted to eat first and the parking lot at Olive Garden was full to overflowing, and then he’d driven us to Mondo’s which had parking places but a half-hour wait. We’d already started to bicker before we even got out of the truck, and I’d suggested that he go sit in Bennigan’s while I hit the three stores I needed to go to. He capitulated and had almost decided, I think, to slog through the shopping with me. He’d even made me repeat three times what my list contained and what stores I wanted to go to!

Less than five minutes after entering Target, we ran into Misty! Halleluia! She said Steve was at the bar, that she was going there soon, and that we should meet them. Brett went off to see Steve immediately (since I’d basically called him a name for being so uptight about shopping) and I bought some things and went over to meet them. I had a cocktail on an empty stomach and it really took that shopping edge off!

We all agreed to meet at 4:00 and have an early dinner at Olive Garden. Misty called to make a reservation, but they weren’t taking any. Misty took a picture of Brett and me with her trick new cell phone and I had her email it to me – so that’s us at Bennigan’s.

After that lovely cocktail, we split up and finished our shopping. I hit two more stores, and Brett hit two more stores, and then he called me and drove the truck over to the front of the store I’d ended up in. We called Misty and told her we’d go and get a table, and went to Olive Garden.

We ordered drinks and an appetizer, and then our dates showed up and we proceeded to have a wonderful fun meal! (We never go out to dinner in IC with friends. Never. It was freaking awesome.) I had so much fun! We brought home leftovers that we ate at about one in the morning. Yum!

Brett told me he’d gotten me a Christmas present, and after I’d asked him about six times what it was he said he’d bought me a tiny ladies’ handgun at Sheel’s. Argh! HE’S SO TERRIBLE! I wanted an iPod or a new digital camera, but I didn’t think he had enough money for either so I didn’t know what to expect!

When we got home he finally gave in and gave me my present, a blue iPod mini, which is making me so very happy and which is so very fun and wonderful. (No, I didn’t get him anything because, well, he bought himself a new truck a few weeks ago. Which is back from the body shop, by the way, and looks fantastic!)

All in all, a not so bad Hell Day! And now I’m off to get my baby to take me to town for a latte. Ciao, lovies!

Morning people are the dominant bio-type, and they set the attitudinal tone of the entire culture. They’ve decided that morning is the best time of the day, and that people who are not naturally bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at the very ass crack of dawn are in some way lazy and unfocussed.

Well, screw that.

Morning is not the best time of day. It’s a fine time of day of course, but it isn’t inherently better than any other time. Getting up early does not mean you’re more productive or a better member of society. Being on time during the pre-noon hours doesn’t mean you care more or that you’re a better person.

As a night person, I’ve been chronically late to morning events my entire life. I’ve been told my tardiness proves my lack of commitment or concern about jobs, classes, and friends. It’s been condescendingly explained to me that if I just “made an effort” to go to bed on time I’d be on the “right” schedule and would find myself reaping the benefits of a morning person lifestyle.

Bah fucking humbug.

My sleep number is 65!

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Tahmi & Jason got a new bed, so they offered us their old one. Never being ones to avoid an amusing bout of moving random shit across town in a truck, we accepted.

Their old bed is, believe it or not, a king sized Sleep Number 5000! It may be made primarily out of foam rubber and Legos, but has a very deep quilted pillow top that I have unclean feelings for. (Pillow top. Yum.)

Putting the bed together actually required a look at the directions, and it got a little confusing due to the fact that T & J gave us more pieces of foam than were shown in the illustrations, but we made some executive decisions and got it all zipped up. (Yes, you have to place all this stuff inside the “mattress” and ZIP IT UP. It’s freaking awesome. When you’re done, it LOOKS like a mattress, but it’s really foam rubber and air bladders ZIPPED UP to LOOK like a mattress… a mattress with catheter hoses sticking out of it!)

I think… I think I like it! I slept great! I was expecting to hate it because it seemed all bumpy when I was rolling around on it last night, but it truly was a comfortable night’s sleep! And Mr. Brett thinks he might not hate it either!

How cool is that? God, I love an exciting hand-me-down! (Especially when it replaces the diveted, rumply, bumpy, and wholly mean back-breaking piece of shit we WERE sleeping on. Man.) Are you getting sick of exclamation points?!

I could do better drunk off my ass

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KHOE played an entire side of an old Carpenter’s album this morning. It was the one with “sharin’ horizons that are new to us / workin’ together day to day… TOGETHER,” whatever that song was called.

Anyway. I’ve never listened to this album before, and what kept me from changing the station was my sick fascination with the fact that Karen apparently could not sing. I mean, I’ve heard the Carpenters on the radio all my life, just like the rest of you, and I never new she couldn’t sing.

What I heard today was awful. Out of tune, breathy, bad phrasing, awkward… yet it sounded exactly like the hits I’m used to from AM radio.

Was it a remastered re-release? Was it badly EQed? I don’t know, but whatever it was it was terrible. Guh.

Hello darkness

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It’s five thirty and it’s pitch black outside.

Fuck this. I loathe and despise DST. I always have. I always will. It’s the stupidest fucking thing in the world.


I got up at nine this morning.

No, wait. That’s not true. Let me back up.

Brett woke me up at 4:30 or 5:00 this morning and was weird and passive-aggressive (it’s hard to explain, but when you’re with someone this long you can tell the intent behind the way they cross your ankle with theirs or move the blankets around or exhale or whatever, and I could tell he was feeling grumpy and passive-aggressive although probably no one else would have noticed) until I finally made him cuddle with me and stop being a freak. He responds well to cuddling and was soon purring like he normally does.

He said he was agro because he hasn’t been sleeping well (I think he’s actually experiencing a little light insomnia now that he’s 31). He complained about the bed and his back hurting, and I did too. Finally he got up to get ready for work around 7:30 and I was able to get some damn sleep.

I got up the second time at nine this morning.

I made coffee. I put the leftovers from Brett’s birthday dinner at Regina’s into the fridge (he’d left them on the counter all night). My cleaning schedule said today I’m supposed to clean the entryway and laundry room, so I did that – I swept, cleaned the window in the back door, organized the pile of garbage that needs to go out into the dump truck but which I ain’t haulin’ up there in the damn rain, thank you, and washed the dog bowls – and then I did the dishes.

It wasn’t even noon yet, and my official chore list was already done. I started some detail cleaning in the kitchen.

I washed the set of 6 Depression-ware cordial glasses that my grandma sent me a couple of years ago for Christmas, and I rearranged the knick-knacks on the windowsill above the sink so I have something nice to look at while washing the damn dishes every day for the rest of my life.


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This is a picture I took in the cab of Joe’s truck as we drove to Rutledge recently:


I didn’t know until today, when I downloaded the image off of my digital camera, that my DH had stuck his tongue out! Silly stinker.


He’s really and truly the cutest thing in the world.


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I can go for months and never wear a pair of jeans. I usually wear skirts, and if needed I put a pair of pants on underneath them – usually pajama bottoms or something along similar soft, drapey, drawstringed lines.

Today I’m wearing a pair of jeans I found in my room this morning. I think they’re hand-me-downs from my sister in law, but I have so many clothes I never wear that I can’t remember them all.

Anyway, the point is that jeans are cold. Today is one of those gray rainy days you get in Fall, and every time I go outside I’m amazed at how cold my legs are. I’d be much warmer outside wearing a prairie skirt and some leggings underneath; all that fabric traps warm air. Jeans are a thin layer of non-insulating fabric. They suck for heat.

It’s counter-intuitive, I know: you’d expect jeans to be warmer than two layers of flimsy made-in-India cloth over a pair of flannel pants, but there it is.

Jeans: cold. Skirt and pajama bottoms: warm.

Home At Last

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The Blues & Brews fest was awesome and I totally loved it. (I bought a cute hippy bag with Ganesh on it, and Brett got a leather outback-style hat.) I’ve even posted Telluride pictures already.

Brett and I want to go back every year. Seriously!

Instead of driving directly from Telluride back to Ron’s, we all crashed at a hotel in Montrose… and believe you me it was worth every cent: it was deliciously dry, and there was a bed, and it was heated and everything! And one didn’t need $2 in quarters to get hot water out of the shower. Ah, luxury!

Ron knocked on our door to tell us they were taking off. Brett and loitered a couple hours, long enough to bathe and eat before we left the hotel.

Later we passed Ron, Amy, and Janelle putting upward toward the summit at about 45 MPH in Amy’s VW. We waved and they waved back. Later they passed us on the way down while we were lost trying to find the exit onto Hwy 6. (I guess the VW goes about 40 uphill and 80 downhill, making a trip average of about 60 MPH. Which really isn’t that bad. *grin*)

Our last night in Colorado, we made Ron go out to sushi with us, even though he really just wanted to veg on his couch at home. He’s a sport, though, so off to Sushi Zanmai we went.

Zanmai had the weirdest music soundtrack I’ve ever encountered in a a sushi bar – Madonna was playing when we walked in, and later we heard the Clash – but the food was really great. (I got drunk on saki, of course. “I just blame it all on the altitude!”) Amy showed up and said we were all troopers for going out right after getting back from Telluride, but I explained it was our last chance for sushi!

After eating, I rode up to Ron’s with Amy (and Prana and Sugaree) in the vee-wee, and Brett rode up with Ron. When we got there, Amy gave me a bag full of product from Bear Mountain Essentials and now I’m totally addicted to this cocoa/hemp lip gloss she gave me. Argh! (Their body products aren’t on their site yet or I’d link to it for you and then you’d be in trouble too.) (I really want to buy a dress or two from them. Oh, the cuteness! The site sez some fall colors are coming soon. I’m pretty much all about that.)

When we woke up that last morning at Ron’s, it was snowing. I’d slept on the leather couch in the entryway because Brett’s back was really hurting him and he was flailing much too much for me to sleep anywhere near him. I woke up, all disoriented, to Brett pointing at the window and inquiring belligerently: “Did you see this?!” as if I was somehow responsible for the fact it was snowing. Snort!

Brett’s ruptured disc hurt him (a lot) so I did all the packing while he iced his back and played video games. He felt bad for not being able to help, but I prefered him not moving to lurching up and down the steps making pain-faces so I was kinda bitchy to him: “You! Go sit the fuck down and get out of my way!” It’s terrible to see your big strong man hobbling up and down the stairs like an ancient, it really is. The chiropractor said it will take awhile to heal and that he should take it easy, so I try to make him take it easy as much as I can ’cause he won’t do it if I don’t make him.

Packed, we loaded the dogs up and went for coffee. (Er, I had coffee. Brett had chai.) Then we drove back up the hill and over to Nederland and visited Josha for a couple of hours since we basically hadn’t seen him the whole time we were there. Later we drove down to Boulder to the job site to pick up Brett’s tools. We both hugged Ron and thanked him for his hospitality and then we got on the road.

I desperately wanted burritoes and kept looking along Hwy 6 for Mexican restaurants; eventually we stopped in Brighton for gas and right across the street was a Mexican drive-thru. Who knew life could be so awesome? I got a supreme burrito and chips & guac; Brett got some fried beef taquito things. It was a lot of food for ten bucks!

The rest of the drive was just like driving through Nebraska has always been: boring. Long. Straight. Our stormcloud friend from the mountains, Bob, was with us most of the way so it was a boring, long, straight, rainy drive.

We got home around three. Joe woke up to greet us. The dogs were stoked to be home and ran around outside for half an hour before even coming in to sniff their house. I brought most of the stuff in from the Jeep and then, still wired, took the pics of my camera and transferred them onto my thumb drive. Finally crashed around four and didn’t make it in to work until about one the next afternoon.

Home sweet home! It’s great to be back and sleep in one’s own bed again!


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This is Brett’s new schtick. He started it last weekend and hasn’t stopped:

Him: “Muuuuuushlette… know what I’m thinking?”
Me: “What, dear?”
Him: “Bloooooow job.”
Me: “Yeah, right.”
Him: “Know what I’m thinking?”
Me: “What.”
Him: “Bloooooow job.”
Me: “I’m busy.”
Him: “Know what I’m thinking?”
Me: “Yes. Go away!”
Him: “Bloooooow job.”
Me: “Argh!”
Him: “Know what I’m thinking?”
Me: “Have you turned into a three-year-old?!??! Good god, leave me alone you freak of nature!”
Him: “Bloooooow job!”
Me: “You’re driving me nuts!”
Him: “Know what I’m thinking? Know what I’m thinking? Huh?”
Me: “You keep this up you’re never getting another blow job again ever! I am so serious, dude!”
Him: “Mushlette, know what I’m thinking?”

No woman will ever love him. I am so serious.