Impending iPod Heaven

February 1st, 2005 | Posted by administratrix in Music - (2 Comments)

I’ve got 4 new CDs coming from, and an FM transmitter coming from Apple. Soon I’ll be feeding my iPod, and shortly after that I’ll be feeding my iPod to my car stereo. I will be so very rockin’ out during my commutes!

Iowa radio, if you’re not aware, is DISMAL. I never listen to Iowa radio stations any more. I AM SO SICK OF CLASSIC ROCK, OH. MY. GOD. Generally, I listen to NPR. When that gets to be too damned much (Iraq Iraq Iraq Iraq Iraq Iraq IRAQ), I either drive in silence or maybe listen to KHOE (if they’re not playing something completely horrible – I like a little Gandharva Ved every now and again; it is soothing). Sometimes I try a tape, but tapes are sketchy at best. You don’t know if they’re even gonna play, it’s neigh on impossible to drive and locate a specific song at the same time, there’s that horrible dead space at the end of one side, and I don’t want to listen to any of the tapes I have anyway!

I mean, while I do have about 25 cassettes in the console of the Jeep, Brett chose the vast majority of them at various truck stops. While I do dig Johnny Cash, you can only listen to At San Quentin SO MANY TIMES. In my opinion.

Obviously I have a cassette player in the Jeep, not a CD player. I never bothered to install a CD player because many if not most of my CDs are either lost, or in the wrong case (which is pretty much the same as “lost” when you’ve got a couple thousand CD cases – and WHERE IN THE HELL is disc 1 of Back To The Bars already?!??!!), or scratched all to shit from being in Brett’s posession for far too long. He keeps a multitude of CDs in one of those book-style zippered cases in his truck, but his life is unimaginably dusty and dirty. All the CDs in that case are basically frosted, they’re so completely scratched.

But the iPod, oh, the iPod. It’s filling up so nicely. I’m still obsessed with Liars, and I’ve been collecting classic R&B standards with extreme prejudice (Does It Go Round In Circles! It’s Your Thing! Marvin Gaye! The Spinners!), and I’ve got myself a nice disco section, including neo-disco like Jamiroquai, which I dig, and of course all the Earth, Wind, and Fire I can get my hands on (I LITERALLY WORSHIP THE TOWER OF POWER HORN LINE, people. THE LENNY PICKET COCAINE SOLO on Knock Yourself out from Live & In Living Color. Circular fucking breathing! Need I say more?). I’ve even started collecting bootleg MP3s off of the Internet, because while most of them sound pretty shitty, it’s still pretty cool to have them.

I’ve been so non-music for so long that I’m really over-geeking now that I have my own private little universe to fill. The iPod is so trick! I love that I don’t have to take other people’s tastes into consideration; I can totally cheese out to some disco while doing the dishes and no one’s the wiser. I can listen to shit whenever I want, and Brett can still have the TV. I’d probably prefer tunes to TV most of the time, if I had my druthers, but he’s always got control of the TV and by proxy the entertainment center. And if we were spinning a CD rather than watching telly, it would probably NOT be Todd, or disco, or jazz, or funk, or swing, or classical, or baroque, or fusion, or an audio book. It would be, 99.9% of the time, blues. And you know how I feel about the blues.

Todd? Joe?

January 30th, 2005 | Posted by administratrix in Music - (4 Comments)

Does anybody have any desire to go see Todd Rundgren and Joe Jackson in 2005 at any of these places?

I haven’t seen Todd in forever and I really doubt my husband would be interested enough to travel all the way to Ohio or Illinois or any of the other rather far Midwestern dates! SOMEONE GO WITH ME, GODDAMMIT!



January 29th, 2005 | Posted by administratrix in Music - (1 Comments)

mule.jpgGuess who’s goin’ to see Gov’t Mule at The Blue Note in Columbia, MO on February 17th?

Me! And my beloved redhead, of course. I just bought us tix and reserved a cheap-ass motel online.

Yay! It’s a trip! A trip to… well, a trip to Missouri, *gag*, but still! To see Government Mule! (I love their cover of Cortez The Killer. Other than that I think they’re solidly adequate. But it’s always fun to go do something!) A good jam band in a small venue! Whee!

Brett and I don’t agree on much of anything, really, especially musical – the man can listen to 30 year old British “blues” until my fucking HEAD falls off – but we do agree that Mule’s a band we’ll both go see and we emphatically prefer small venues to massive ones. Ah, marital bliss!

Now that's just Jeepy!

January 26th, 2005 | Posted by administratrix in Love & Marriage - (2 Comments)

Since I was blogless at the time, you haven’t read about how my beloved loaded the Jeep onto a trailer barely able to support its weight and ferried it to Haney’s in Libertyville one fine day.

I’ve been without a vehicle for two weeks, but I got the Jeep back today, with the hole in the tire patched and a new thermostat! And do ya know what it cost? Thirty-six bucks, my people! THIRTY SIX BUCKS!

We celebrated the Jeep’s return to the family with a lovely cocktail at the Dew Drop. I left after one since I was driving, and I had to negotiate the sheet of ice we call a driveway in 4WD, but I have wheels again! Hooray!

We had nuked left-overs for dinner. Lasagne, a steak for Brett, and a Caesar salad I whipped up. There are few things in the world finer than half a lasagne in the fridge.

I have wheels! Yay!

Dat? Or cog?

January 23rd, 2005 | Posted by administratrix in Pets - (0 Comments)

For a dog, Bindu acts a lot like a cat.

And for a cat, Buz acts a lot like a dog.

Bindu likes to nap in sunbeams and groom other animals. Buz likes to jump into a pile of playing retrievers and punch them on the snouts and run away.

Brett and I had a very involved conversation the other morning about which one was the dat, and which one was the cog. Personally, I think Bindu’s the dat. But Brett’s still deciding.

Right now, all four animals are asleep on the daybed here in my office. One of them just farted Eewh!

Weekend in Review

January 4th, 2005 | Posted by administratrix in Love & Marriage - (3 Comments)

Friday, the biggest party night of the year, we did nothing.

Brett fell asleep on the couch ’round eight; I read and listened to my iPod and wandered around the house amusing myself and probably fell asleep sometime after midnight. I really don’t recall.

Saturday, with the PlayStation on the fritz and his paycheck burning a hole in his pocket, Brett talked me into going to Walmart to pick up a replacement PS2. There wasn’t one, of course – the entire nation is out of PS2s this soon after Christmas. But somehow we decided to go to Iowa City, to Best Buy, where Brett became the proud daddy of a Delphi XM SKYFi2, a stereo connetion kit for the Hillbilly Boom Box, and a lovely quarterly subscription to satellite radio. He installed it in the parking lot outside Best Buy, where it was getting dark and raining heavily.

He loves it. HE LOVES IT. The man spent two hours Sunday morning sitting in his truck playing with his SKYFi.

I got a cigarette lighter power cord for the iPod, and a CD – Todd Rundgren’s Liars, his first all-new album in over ten years. (I went home and immediately fed it to the iPod.) I love Todd. Todd is Godd. The track “Soul Brother” is fucking PRICELESS.

On the drive to Iowa City, I knitted my iPod a cozy. Yes, I know this is totally gay but I don’t care. (And neither do these people.)

All in all, a furiously fun day, and a good augury for the year to come.

Sunday we went and bought groceries at (ahem) the Super Walmart in ScrOttumwa. Now, I realize Walmart’s disgusting and that I shouldn’t give them my money. But. I got a cart so full of groceries it was difficult to steer around corners and it only cost me $125.00. There’s no way in HELL all that stuff could have been produced for $125.00… the cardboard, plastic, shrink wrap, ink, printing, die cutting, transportation… not even counting the actual FOOD ITSELF. How the hell will the economy survive if goods sell for less than it costs to produce them?

Or does this price trough exist only to kill the competition? Will prices go back up as soon as there’s nowhere else to shop?

Either way, the old kitchen is stocked with yummy foodies. I don’t know if I should feel elated or shitty. *shrug*

Monday I cleaned, listed a tool to sell (on eBay) for Brett, chatted heavily with Keef over IM, got wood (and kept the stove nearly closed down to conserve it since we’ve only a few days left) [CALL ME IF YOU KNOW WHERE TO GET A LOAD OF SPLIT WOOD, WE’RE SO ALMOST OUT IT’S NOT FUNNY.], made tea in my new Nissan thermos and drank it, and made a killer meal for my beloved: Italian sausage, pesto, and a killer baby spinach-onion-carrot salad with lemon vinagrette and bleu cheese.

Ah shit, I need to fix a customer’s web site. (Yeah, I’m at work.) Ciao!

. . . . .


Song: Soul Brother
Album: Liars
Artist: Todd Rundgren

Shh… lemmie tell you a secret

December 26th, 2004 | Posted by administratrix in Music - (13 Comments)

First of all, I feel pretty much normal today. (Go figure.) Which is why I feel free to dump the insanity of this post upon y’all.

Behold! I have a secret!

And my secret is:

Hall & Oates.

I am totally not kidding. OH MY GOD, I was so into Hall & Oates when I was little! And when I say “into,” you should assume that I mean I was probably-not-healthy INTO them. As in, at one point I owned every single album they’d ever released (which is more than on the link, believe it or not), including bootlegs, and I actually kept a scrapbook.

A scrapbook, people! Of Hall & Oates!

I actually (and literally) wore out more than one copy of Livetime by playing it too much on my cassette player! As a matter of fact, I ruined MORE THAN ONE CASSETTE PLAYER MOTOR playing H&O. My father patiently explained to me that no one EVER wears out cassette player motors; the other parts ALWAYS wear out first. Always. Except for me, the freak who kills motors listening to H&O songs over and over and over.

Holiday Shopping, check

December 19th, 2004 | Posted by administratrix in Love & Marriage - (1 Comments)

misty-phone-pic.jpgYesterday was Hell Day.

Hell Day is what we call the day every year when we go last-minute Christmas shopping at the Hell Mall (aka the Coral Ridge Mall, Coralville IA) to spend hours trying to find parking places and rubbing elbows with a million zoned-out Coneheads and getting testy with each other. Snort!

Mr. Brett was already in overwhelmed-and-grumpy mode before we’d even found a parking place, because I’d wanted to eat first and the parking lot at Olive Garden was full to overflowing, and then he’d driven us to Mondo’s which had parking places but a half-hour wait. We’d already started to bicker before we even got out of the truck, and I’d suggested that he go sit in Bennigan’s while I hit the three stores I needed to go to. He capitulated and had almost decided, I think, to slog through the shopping with me. He’d even made me repeat three times what my list contained and what stores I wanted to go to!

Less than five minutes after entering Target, we ran into Misty! Halleluia! She said Steve was at the bar, that she was going there soon, and that we should meet them. Brett went off to see Steve immediately (since I’d basically called him a name for being so uptight about shopping) and I bought some things and went over to meet them. I had a cocktail on an empty stomach and it really took that shopping edge off!

We all agreed to meet at 4:00 and have an early dinner at Olive Garden. Misty called to make a reservation, but they weren’t taking any. Misty took a picture of Brett and me with her trick new cell phone and I had her email it to me – so that’s us at Bennigan’s.

After that lovely cocktail, we split up and finished our shopping. I hit two more stores, and Brett hit two more stores, and then he called me and drove the truck over to the front of the store I’d ended up in. We called Misty and told her we’d go and get a table, and went to Olive Garden.

We ordered drinks and an appetizer, and then our dates showed up and we proceeded to have a wonderful fun meal! (We never go out to dinner in IC with friends. Never. It was freaking awesome.) I had so much fun! We brought home leftovers that we ate at about one in the morning. Yum!

Brett told me he’d gotten me a Christmas present, and after I’d asked him about six times what it was he said he’d bought me a tiny ladies’ handgun at Sheel’s. Argh! HE’S SO TERRIBLE! I wanted an iPod or a new digital camera, but I didn’t think he had enough money for either so I didn’t know what to expect!

When we got home he finally gave in and gave me my present, a blue iPod mini, which is making me so very happy and which is so very fun and wonderful. (No, I didn’t get him anything because, well, he bought himself a new truck a few weeks ago. Which is back from the body shop, by the way, and looks fantastic!)

All in all, a not so bad Hell Day! And now I’m off to get my baby to take me to town for a latte. Ciao, lovies!

Morning people are the dominant bio-type, and they set the attitudinal tone of the entire culture. They’ve decided that morning is the best time of the day, and that people who are not naturally bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at the very ass crack of dawn are in some way lazy and unfocussed.

Well, screw that.

Morning is not the best time of day. It’s a fine time of day of course, but it isn’t inherently better than any other time. Getting up early does not mean you’re more productive or a better member of society. Being on time during the pre-noon hours doesn’t mean you care more or that you’re a better person.

As a night person, I’ve been chronically late to morning events my entire life. I’ve been told my tardiness proves my lack of commitment or concern about jobs, classes, and friends. It’s been condescendingly explained to me that if I just “made an effort” to go to bed on time I’d be on the “right” schedule and would find myself reaping the benefits of a morning person lifestyle.

Bah fucking humbug.

My sleep number is 65!

December 13th, 2004 | Posted by administratrix in Love & Marriage - (3 Comments)

Tahmi & Jason got a new bed, so they offered us their old one. Never being ones to avoid an amusing bout of moving random shit across town in a truck, we accepted.

Their old bed is, believe it or not, a king sized Sleep Number 5000! It may be made primarily out of foam rubber and Legos, but has a very deep quilted pillow top that I have unclean feelings for. (Pillow top. Yum.)

Putting the bed together actually required a look at the directions, and it got a little confusing due to the fact that T & J gave us more pieces of foam than were shown in the illustrations, but we made some executive decisions and got it all zipped up. (Yes, you have to place all this stuff inside the “mattress” and ZIP IT UP. It’s freaking awesome. When you’re done, it LOOKS like a mattress, but it’s really foam rubber and air bladders ZIPPED UP to LOOK like a mattress… a mattress with catheter hoses sticking out of it!)

I think… I think I like it! I slept great! I was expecting to hate it because it seemed all bumpy when I was rolling around on it last night, but it truly was a comfortable night’s sleep! And Mr. Brett thinks he might not hate it either!

How cool is that? God, I love an exciting hand-me-down! (Especially when it replaces the diveted, rumply, bumpy, and wholly mean back-breaking piece of shit we WERE sleeping on. Man.) Are you getting sick of exclamation points?!