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Gigs, boys, being boring for health, and books.

March 20th, 2012 | Posted by administratrix in Life - (0 Comments)

In which I’m so boring I did laundry AND cleaned my room AND went to bed early last night.


ast weekend was the first annual Walla Walla Guitar Festival. It was a raging success, especially considering this was its first year; we sold out and everything!

I had a fantastic time, and seriously loved having so many players in town at once — I spent at least three hours just hanging out in the green room chatting with the other players.

Here’s an image of my performance with Coyote Kings. We opened the festival:

Coyote Kings w/Mush feat Kenny 'Blue' Ray

(The amazing Kenny ‘Blue’ Ray sat in with us, as did Cookie, but they’re not in this picture.)

I got hit on by — not one, but two — boys in their 20’s. It was, for reasons I can’t articulate and suspect are entirely due to being socialized, immensely gratifying.

(I went home alone, of course.) (What? What am I going to do with a boy in his twenties? Be jaded at him?) (Also, I couldn’t care less about sex, to be honest.)

Yes, I’m still quitting smoking.

I do not want to do this, and I am not at all gung ho and positive about it: I just don’t want to have to pull a goddamned tank of oxygen around with me at the grocery store when I’m 45.

Quitting means that, for awhile, my life consists of two things: Being At Work, and Being At Home. There are no other portions, because Other Portions (read: having any kind of social life whatsoever) cause me to lame out and smoke.

In other words, I really try not to but I still bum cigarettes in many social circumstances. But, since this is Still Better Than Smoking Every Day, I am counting it A Triumph every time I get to put ‘Cigs: 0’ on my Google calendar, even if it’s only Five or Six, and not Seven, Times each week.

I’ve been smoking for a long time. (Hell, I’ve been quitting for a long time.) Baby steps. Self-isolating, new-habit-building baby steps.

Not smoking means not drinking, because drinking makes me smoke. Cutting out both for the last month means I have extra munny.

I added up that unspent money and spent it on clothes. I’m expecting a new skirt, thigh high socks, tights, and a long sleeved t-shirt by Friday.

(Since I now ride a bike everywhere, I’ve decided to experiment with a short skirt-and-tights look for those parts of the year that are not winter. All my current skirts are floor length, and periodically get caught in the chain and threaten my life thereby. Boo!)

I also bought two cheap bikinis, because mine are older than the boys who hit on me last weekend, and seriously need to be replaced. (Of course I’m too old to hang out in bikinis a lot, I realize that, but I do wear them under other things, particularly at summer gigs.)

Yesterday after work I didn’t want to go straight home, so I stopped for a latte. Here’s a picture of my Kindle Fire tablet and my cuppow at Starbucks:


I know, right?

I’m reading a huge amount of non-fiction right now. All of the following are currently in heavy rotation on my tablet:

Grooming, Gossip, and the Evolution of Language by Robin Dunbar – This is the Dunbar’s Number guy, and his premise is that we evolved language in order to gossip in order to be able to manage larger groups.

The Panic Virus by Seth Mnookin – This is indirectly about that idiot who inadvertently brought back a bunch of nearly-eradicated childhood diseases by making false claims against the MMR vaccine, and about vaccination and science in general.

Freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner – People kept telling me to watch the movie so I did and it was okay so I bought the book thinking it’d have, like, moar insight, but it doesn’t appear to. Sorta meh about this, considering JUST HOW EXCITED people were when they told me about it.

Liars & Outliers by Bruce Schneier – This is a book about trust, society, security, and cryptography, and interestingly it’s a lot like Dunbar’s book about how humans build society.

AdWords for Dummies by Howie Jacobson – A bullshit book written by someone who obviously has been hocking crap via spam and infomercial for the past decade.

They’re all awesome (except for the last one, which completely sucks and which I will not finish. I was supposed to read it for work, but honestly, that POS is un-fucking-readable and it has pretty much soured me on the entire For Dummies franchise) and if you want to borrow any of them (in Kindle format), just let me know.

Tonight, I’ll get off work at six and ride my bike home. I’ll stretch, read, meditate, eat tostadas, and knit while watching ancient episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I will go to bed early. I will not smoke. It’ll be awesome*.


Mock chowder.

March 19th, 2012 | Posted by administratrix in Health | Recipes - (1 Comments)

In which there is a recipe that takes the place of potato-based, flour-thickened chowder.

Behold, one of my favorite meals of all time: the humble soup ‘n’ sandwich combo.


My version is a creamy veggie chowder with a creamy brie-and-avocado sandwich. (more…)

Scientific obeservations, bitches!

March 15th, 2012 | Posted by administratrix in Health - (0 Comments)

In which I selflessly offer these observations to the innerwebs for science!

On alcohol, blood sugar, and adipose tissue:

Step 1. Drink alcohol literally every day for months on end.
Step 2. Get the flu and stop drinking ’cause you’re sick.
Step 3. Gain two inches around your waist without otherwise changing your diet.

On low-level infection and the ability to fight disease:

Step 1. Have the kind of mouth that requires prophy every four months just to keep your gums from receding and your teeth from falling out.
Step 2. Lose your job and don’t go to the dentist for a very long time.
Step 3. Get the flu. Get it again. Get it again.
Step 4. Get your teeth cleaned.
Step 5. Notice that your lingering flu symptoms are completely gone within hours.

"Young man, put a light on that bicycle!"

March 12th, 2012 | Posted by administratrix in Admissions - (2 Comments)

In which the universe thinks I’m a dude.


ast autumn, as I was riding through Whitman campus in the dark, an elderly gentleman spied me and hollered, “Young man! Put a light on that bicycle!”*

When I returned to the bar and told the story, it got a pretty big laugh.

Fast forward a few months. I’m sitting at the bar with two guys having a chat. One gets up to leave, says, “Goodnight, gentlemen,” bows, puts on his coat, and is at least six paces away before he turns around and says, “Oh, shit, you’re not a guy.”

In the past three weeks, I’ve discovered that Google, Hulu, and all think I’m a guy as well. Not to mention that I haven’t worn a skirt since September.

Make of all that what you will.

* I have, since then, put four lights on my bicycle.


February 29th, 2012 | Posted by administratrix in Health - (2 Comments)

In which I’ve quit smoking. Yet again.


hen you get a lung infection severe enough your doctor gives you an asthma treatment five minutes after you present with what you think is just a bad cold, you pretty much quit smoking on the spot.

Quitting is pretty easy, really. You just screw up your self discipline and you ignore every single cell in your brain when it suggests a smoke. You avoid all your normal behaviors entirely. You pretend you’re someone else, someone who doesn’t smoke. Easy peasy!

For awhile.

Actually staying quit is the hard part, if you’re me, because you associate smoking with everything enjoyable: drinking, gigging, even reading. Having great conversations with friends. Road trips, coffee breaks, picnics. Good things, fun things. Happiness in general.

I can not-smoke on my lunch hour for awhile, sure. But eventually I’m so exhausted by not smoking that I just buy a damn pack already and have a cigarette. I can not-smoke at the wine bar for a few weeks, but then I just bum a few smokes off of people because it’s so much easier than constantly fighting the urge to smoke. I can not-smoke at gigs, I can not-smoke at home, I can not-smoke for months and months on end. I can not-smoke under a lot of circumstances, but it’s just so relentlessly, endlessly uncomfortable I just… give in, after awhile.


SX-70 Love

February 27th, 2012 | Posted by administratrix in Photography - (0 Comments)

In which there’s a video.

Apropos of nothing is this amazing Polaroid video!

Don’t even get me started on the soundtrack. It’s, like, Star Trek-er-iffic.


Fuck yeah Albuterol.

February 24th, 2012 | Posted by administratrix in Health - (6 Comments)

In which there’s a trip to the clinic.


hursday night at the gig, someone asked me if I had walking pneumonia.

Today I googled it, and yeah, I have all the symptoms — but it was already Friday afternoon and I didn’t get the impression I was going to drop dead from it and sure, I should probably see a doctor but it’s not like I’ve been so sick I couldn’t work, I mean, I worked over 40 hours this week and did a gig and even went out a couple of times —

— but after spending a couple more hours coughing constantly, I called the Family Medical Center to see if there was an appointment I could have. I explained I was on Day 7 of a cold that wasn’t getting any better, that I was waking myself up at night coughing, and that my cold symptoms weren’t going away.

She scheduled me at 7 o’clock. I got off work at six after a long, busy afternoon full of weird support problems I couldn’t solve and rode my bike down Rose street to the clinic.

My nose ran and I coughed like I was dying during check-in, while sitting in the lobby, and while being led to the exam room. My nose ran and I coughed like I was dying while I sat there waiting for the nurse.


This kind of thing is so twenty years ago.

February 22nd, 2012 | Posted by administratrix in Soapbox | Work - (2 Comments)

In which I go through such absurdity with women customers sometimes.


hone rings.

I answer. “Tech support. May I help you?”

Woman’s voice, in full-on baby talk mode: “I have an iPhone. I can’t send mail.”

Me: “Oh, yeah, I’ve heard of that. Apple seems to assume that all outgoing mail servers use SSL, but ours doesn’t. So probably you just need to disable SSL. That’s usually the issue.”

Baby talk: “Can you… like… I mean. Alright, fine.”

Me: “Sorry?”

Baby talk: “How do I do that.” She probably has me pegged as a dick-slicing lesbian because I assumed she was a human being and answered her question without talking down to her.

Me: “Well, I don’t have an iPhone myself, so I can’t give you step-by-step instructions. But I used to have an iPod Touch, so I think what you’ll be looking for is in Settings.” (more…)

This is what's wrong.

February 21st, 2012 | Posted by administratrix in Life - (1 Comments)

In which I think my world is weird.


n advertisement outside a gas station:

Image of two plastic bottles of soda. Price of $2.50 above them. Text says, “Wow!”

The image is printed in full color on cardboard that will be thrown away shortly.

The product is sugar water in plastic bottles.

The sweetener is HFCS, implicated in a myriad of health problems. The container is plastic, which is expensive to produce, expensive to recycle, and impossible to get rid of.

I have no idea if $2.50 is a good price for two bottles of soda, but I do know that you can dissolve pennies in it.

Limon bean tostadas with avocado

February 18th, 2012 | Posted by administratrix in Recipes - (0 Comments)

In which there are delicious tostadas.

Limon Bean Tostadas with Avocado


4 tostada shells
1 can plain refried beans
lime taco sauce*, to taste
1/4 c. shredded Mexican cheese
1/3 c. cilantro, chopped
2 T. red onion, diced
1/4 c. tomato, diced
2 radishes, sliced
2 T. cotija**, crumbled
1/2 avocado, sliced
lime wedges