iPod Love

October 26th, 2005 | Posted by administratrix in Nerd

In which I absolutely gush about an electronic device you don’t give a shit about.

I haven’t been doing much with the blog these past two days because I’ve been playing with my new iPod. Doin’ stuff like finding missing music and putting it back in my collection, adding album art, updating tags, putting anything redneck into a folder to go on Brett’s iPod (he got my old mini) etc. etc. etc. It’s fairly labor-intensive.

Oh, plus work’s been busy too, but whatever. RDSL installations, cross-connections, DSLAM ports, customers wanting to have me walk them through changing their damn email settings (LOOK IT UP ON THE FUCKING SUPPORT SITE, THAT’S WHAT IT’S THERE FOR!), employees calling me to look port numbers or circuit IDs up for them: whatEVer. Back to iTunes.

My music library is so hot. It’s all organized and tagged and shit ~ I can hardly stand myself. (Good thing there aren’t any busses in this town, because I’d probably get hit by one the minute I step outside: that’s how nice my ID3 tags are.)

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  • Shigeki says:

    Since you are one of the coolest music persons I know, I’d be interested in knowing what you have on your iTunes or frequent list.

    And your iPod post kills me… I am this close to go to the shop but I try to control myself. …:???:

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