February is almost over so I thought I’d check in.

February 20th, 2013 | Posted by Mush in Blurbs

In which I haven’t posted in over a month so I’m just gonna spew some utterly boring crap into a CMS interface and publish it.

Oh, not much.


Well the usual. Some gigs and stuff. Work, a lot of time fucking off in IRC with kids, some time visiting with friends – mostly the Wendover-Briggs Machine on their comfy patio. A couple loads of laundry, some cooking, some cleaning. I bought some ebooks, took some naps, got my hair did.

The band’s been working up the material from the new album. The guitar festival is next month! Come see it!

I got new glasses and new contacts: expensive but so needed, and I also had my teeth cleaned. I’d much rather spend that money on the vacation I so desperately need, but of course I don’t have insurance and I need the services so the money has to be spent.

(In related news I’m really pretty pissed off that I am going to be required to carry a health insurance policy I can’t afford in the very near future. I mean, if I could afford it I WOULD ALREADY FUCKING HAVE IT. (One of the many reasons I choose not to own a car is the expense of insurance. In all my years of paying car insurance, I never once got anything back out of it. Even if you pay for years and your claim is valid, they find a way to deny you.) Like the lottery, insurance appears to be nothing more than an idiot tax, but unlike the lottery it’s fucking mandatory. Insurance is merely a way to make the greedy richer, just to make a hideously weak blanket statement.)

I got my hours cut 25% and have been taken off salary and demoted to hourly. My employer says this change is intended to make me happier in my job, but I’m not sure how a pay cut is supposed to increase my contentment. In compensation for the cut, I’m supposed to be free of first-tier calls, but for now they’re still happening. Hopefully when the kinks are ironed out I won’t have to set up dial-up with some old guy on Windows 95 ever, ever again.

I’m now working 10 – 5, so the waking up at 5:30 bullshit is curtailed for the nonce, but I don’t really feel like I have more time off. Maybe I’ll decide to work 8 – 3 and get a PT evening job, except that would never work with my gig schedule so fuck it. While I do get pissy sometimes about having to do gigs, at the base I’m grateful I gig frequently enough to even be grumpy about it.

I have seen no Oscar nominated films. I consume very little news. I watch BBC shows on streaming video sometimes. I have about 30 books on my Kindle I haven’t finished reading. I took a three-hour nap last Sunday afternoon after sleeping in late and before going to bed early.

Apropos of nothing, I spend a lot of time wondering about the people who find it necessary to admit they’re posting/IRCing/tweeting/etc while pooping. Is this a sign of poor potty training, or a wonderful lack of shame? I just cant TELL.

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  • E.C. says:

    It was the auto insurance, ultimately, that did me in with my last owned vehicle. Now, Bucko buys the vehicle and the insurance and handles the bulk of the driving. I just give him a large chunk of my paycheck every two weeks and forget about it.

    But (!) as I’ve recently discovered, auto insurers do pay up when you’ve injured someone in an accident or – as in my case – someone’s injured you. Thank Kali for that! Among the several bills that I received (and then forwarded to the claim agent) was a $3k bill from the Emergency Physicians at the hospital where I was fixed when I was seen by not one solid physician! And this was on top of the $4.5k Emergency Room bill. Zoinks!

    Holy shit e-room stories these days really make you wonder. – m

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