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November 30th, 2012 | Posted by Mush in Nerd

In which I’m looking forward to the weekend.

Work’s been slow lately. I’ve been stymied trying to migrate websites from one server to another because my fucking end users can’t update their DNS; it’s beyond rocket surgery to these people.

“But… but… why can’t you do it?” they whine. “Because I DON’T HOST YOUR FUCKING SHIT!” I say. I have sites I’ve been trying to upgrade since August. Literally. It takes people that long to login to GoDaddy or what the fuck ever and click the Edit button.


My gig-free month ends today. Tomorrow night I’ll be with the Kings in Richland; looking forward to performing, yeah, but not so much the driving and loading in and setting up and tearing down and driving.

Sunday afternoon I have a date with g’ma. We’re going for pedicures. Taking a pedi with your g’ma on a Sunday afternoon is a wonderful thing, by the way.

I started going to yoga again, and I’m here to say fuck chiropractic, really. I realize Westernized yoga is categorically and emphatically not yoga, but it does provide the best spine health ever ever ever. (I hadn’t even realized how locked up my lower back was until walking out of the studio Wednesday night.) Also, in partially related revelations: I have short arms and long shins, so certain poses are, like, impossible for me.

I got paid yesterday and promptly spent all but a couple hundred bucks of it. I bought stuff for Xmas gifts, I sent my dentist a payment on my root canal, I paid for the DSL, I paid my absurd fucking cell phone bill, I paid my housing donation, and I bought about $100 worth of assorted clothes for myself — mostly bras and undies and socks but also a pair of jeans and a jacket. (I found myself wearing panties the other day that were literally sagging off my butt. Unfortunately I was half-naked in TinyChat at the time, so, yeah, that was awkward and caused an immediate NOTE TO SELF TO BUY SOME GODDAMNED UNDERWEAR and full-on follow through.)

I’ve been rockin’ the jazz Christmas carols up in the office this week. I should put some Christmas lights up around the door, too. I love Christmas lights.

In other news, riding one’s bike to and from work in freezing fog in the dark is FUCKING COLD. Just FYI.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s my lunch hour and I’m going to the post office now.

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