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September 8th, 2005 | Posted by administratrix in Nerd

In which you can see my hard drives. Seriously.

Look! Here’s part of my desk – my work table, actually – at work.

5 hard drives

And that’s five hard drives sitting on it. One’s my back up drive, one’s Buzzdoctor’s drive that I currently have data on, one’s toast, one’s my home drive, and the other is just some random drive I have sitting on my desk.

Okay, yeah, also please note I don’t work tomorrow and my home machine is apart. This means I may not blog or IM or check email. for a few days. Please continue to love me just the way you do.

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  • amped!!! says:

    I’m so jealous – never get to play with hardware at work.

    I’ve got an eerily similar – albeit parallel – mess of software hanging around in various places at work. And none of the mess at home, where I could actually make some good progress on it.

    Enjoy your storm!

  • Shigeki says:

    Your desk looks way more masculine than mine does….. I don’t have anything physical layers on my desk. And it’s nice you get to keep that jet spray thing. I scared someone with it and I am not allowed to touch it anymore…..:shock:

  • Logan says:

    My rationalized urge to straighten and organize has risen again.

    A plant couldn’t hurt.

  • Mush says:

    I wasn’t thinking of myself as being lucky, exactly. But hey, a pile of loose HDDs does look cool.

    I’m the only woman in the building. The whole place is masculine.

    My desk is generally the tidiest desk in the whole place. But when I’m playing with hardware, it gets a little messy. Also, when I’m out of the office it gets a little messy because folks leave shit on my desk.

  • That’s a cool idea – to take pictures of your work space. Mine is way more disgusting than yours, and I only have two computer hard drives happening. You should see the mountains of bills and paper work surrounding me. Around my very old Wallstreet Powerbook and now my extremely old first edition G3. I wish you were here to help me with my hard drives and make me breakfast!

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