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December 22nd, 2010 | Posted by administratrix in Blurbs

In which there’s not much going on, really. Yay Christmas break!

Went to a great pre-solstice party Sunday night, hung out with fun people and ate great food.

Volunteered at Helpline on Monday afternoon; it was great. Got to give away blankets and gloves and food and fix a computer and everything.

Did my Xmas shopping (since I’m unemployed, everybody gets the same thing) finally. Had leftover chili at Amity’s house Monday night.

If you haven’t gotten an Xmas card from me, it’s because I haven’t mailed them yet. Ooops.

Have been doing a little more QA contracting for that VoIP company; it looks like I can get 20 hours a week for as long as they need me. Perfect part-time job! Right now I’m migrating data from one app to another and it’s just my speed.

I will admit that I am lovin’ not studying for finals. Jeez. School is way more fun when you’re majoring in music or literature because there’s NO FUCKING MATH. I’ve actually spent a few hours reading for pleasure in the past two days!

I’m going to go talk to a CBT tomorrow about my panic and anxiety. It’s abated now, but that last month of hell really sucked and I want to have someone to call the next time it happens.

The weather lately is bugging me. It’s cold and snowy and overcast. Seattle could see the eclipse but it was foggy here, which is TOTALLY WRONG! Walla Walla is supposed to be mild and clear! But we’ve already had two weeks of snow and Winter’s only 24 hours old! WTF!

In other news, tuition is due today for next quarter and I’m not registered because my advisor is out of the office and I can’t get my registration PIN. I’m hoping that I can register next week and that my whole school thing isn’t totally screwed up because I didn’t get my PIN on time because I didn’t know I needed to.

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  • Michelle M. says:

    Math sucks.

    How wonderful that you volunteered! I think next year everyone’s gift is going to be chickens/goats for an African village. Well, except for the little nieces and nephews.

    I’m sorry to hear about the anxiety. That’s rough. I hope the new year brings you nothing but happiness, peace and no more math.

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