Empty nest

February 27th, 2004 | Posted by administratrix in Blurbs

Went home after work to an empty house. It’s weird; I’m used to being the one who travels! I built a fire, ate some leftovers, and read a book. Drank a glass of wine. Meditated.

Went to town and met Anna at the bar, and she gave me hand knitted socks for my Amma doll, along with a cute mala for her, too! Adorable.

We went bowling and Tahmi came out to visit. It’s fun to have an audience while bowling. I bowled my average for the evening. I’m pretty consistently mediocre in that way.

Brett called at about 11:00 to say they’d all arrived in Atlanta; Anna, Tahmi, and I took turns with my cell and we kept it to one call for all of us. The boys apparently planned to get drunk in the hotel and worry about “doing something” the next day. They’re probably eating lunch at or near the tool convention by now.

After bowling, we went to the Backroads and had another drunken sing-fest. I had oodles of fun, and Miss Tahmi commented that she was up way past her bedtime. Tee-hee! “Do you feel like you’ve stayed out late and imbibed lots of toxins?” I asked her as we were leaving. “Oh, WAY late and LOTS of toxins,” she replied.

This morning I meant to sleep until at least 8:30 but the dogs woke me up at 7:20 to be let out. (Damn Brett training them to expect such insanity!) I moved to the couch, reset my alarm, and slept until 8:45. I prefer nine hours of sleep to six, but I got up and showered and came to town for my 9:30 meeting about the cable pair database.

Now it’s noon and we just got finished; apparently there’s some pizza on the way so I might wait a few minutes to check that out, then I’m off to Tahmi’s for chai and to show her my Amma’s new socks. (I brought my Amma doll with me; she’s still in her jammies but I have her clothes. I know it’s weird to have a doll at my age but I fucking love that doll and it makes me so very happy. Anna and I are always having to remind each other that it’s okay to be in love with your Amma doll, even if you’re a “grown up”!)

After I visit Tahmi’s I don’t know what my plans are. I’ll need to go home and excercise Meathead before he eats some furniture, of course, and I think I need to pick up a bag of cat fud. I’m wondering if it’s nice enough to hang laundry out on the line and have it dry before dark.

I brought Miss Bindu to town with me; she was a big hit here in Engineering and it seems the majority of people who work in this section have dogs at home and she’s done lots of exploratory ankle sniffing. She rested under the conference table during my meeting, and now she’s under my desk taking a snooze. Love my blue dog.

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