April 1st, 2002 | Posted by administratrix in Blurbs

“Five weeks menstrual age (3 weeks after fertilization), the embryonic period begins.”

There’s a pregnancy calendar at Yahoo.com. The thing will be 7mm long by next Thursday! My due date is sometime during the first week of December, although I guess first babies are always late.

I suspected Saturday that I might be pregnant. Sunday, when Brett and I were at Wal-mart and I said I wanted to buy a test, he said, “Yeah, since we both already know that you are, we might as well!” He was so gleeful that it made me giggle. I think he’s really happy, really into it. Strange. When we got home I had to pee, so I took the test immediately. It was a really, really, really, REALLY faint positive after two or three minutes.

When I looked again about 30 minutes later, it was a perfectly respectable, VERY positive. Which either means I’m about to miscarry, or simply that I’m at the absolute very beginning of the insane hormone wash and I?m testing a few days too early.

My guess is that I ovulated the weekend of March 9-10. I used an online pregnancy calculator, and it agreed that I should have ovulated on the 10th. That being the case, the bump would have hit around the, what, 17th? (How long does it take to float down that tube?) So that would make me just barely two weeks along, fifteen days to be precise.

If it sticks, I should start puking soon, right? And I have to quit smoking cigarettes. It’s hard, but I need to quit anyway, so this is the only reason I’d probably ever actually do it. Sigh.

Grocery List:
Tofu – Spinach – Herb tea – Vitamins – Eggs – Whole wheat bread – Sprouts, tomatoes, lettuce, cukes – Oranges, grapefruits

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