This Time I Think I'm Really In Love

February 15th, 2007 | Posted by administratrix in LOTD

In which it’s not just an old John Cougar song, it’s totally a sincere goddamn declaration of devotion.

I have fallen in love with the math geek who does this comic:


His name is Randall. His degree’s in physics and he did robot stuff at NASA for awhile. I’ve read his strips off and on… all kinds of clever folk link to him (and /. got him last year for his map of the Internet strip) so I knew about him.

Recently, though, I did [that thing that needs a fucking word coined for it wherein one trolls through an entire archive in one sitting]. I can’t even express how smitten I am. It’s almost like being in love with myself, but EVEN BETTER. (You have to understand, I’d totally marry me if I could.) The fact that he’s, like, 20 years old hardly even impinges on my adoration.

Anyway. To help you understand, here are some specially selected strips:

LOL, LOL, LOL, me too!, yeah, oh yeah, HELL yeah, heh, aww!, OMFG, aww, and aww. And aww. And LOL! again. (I mean, fuck, the man’s a genius.)

But in order for you to truly understand, you pretty much have to start at the beginning of the archive and read all the comics straight through, and then go read his blog, and then his bio. You should probably buy a t-shirt too, since I’m unemployed and can’t afford to and gawd knows someone should be making money off the ‘net.

Then, if you meet him? Give him my email address. I eat brilliant young bi boys for breakfast! 😉

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