February 5th, 2018 | Posted by Mush in Life

In which I’ve rated the day.

Slept a lot. A LOT a lot. There were cuddles. Lovely.

I got a book I wanted very much in the mail. It was volume 1 of two-volume The Yoga Vasistha, a 70’s publication broken into daily readings. (It was supposed to be both volumes, but shit happens when you buy old books off of eBay.)

I also received a nifty plastic cover for my cloth Hobonichi Weeks day planner, along with a stencil and some stickers and booklets. It was a replacement order for the one the USPS lost and never delivered after it cleared customs, so I couldn’t bug the company for a refund and had to re-order it. I like it all very much.

I had a cup of tomato soup and a few Saltines for breakfast.

I made a couple of tacos on my work break, for lunch:

corn tortilla, refried beans, cheese, lettuce, tomato, avocado, Cholula #taco

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He bought me a nice pizza for supper. I ate some nice pizza. It was thin crust, with white sauce and veggies. Delicious.

Did not do any chores (beyond making the bed, which I nearly always do).

Monday score: 10/10

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