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April 7th, 2006 | Posted by administratrix in Nerd | Web

In which I tell you technical crap you probably don’t care about.

I’m trying to move this site from one of LISCO’s old Cobalts over to the outsourced server. Thing is, the site’s got a secure form on it and I don’t really know shit about SSL/HTTPS. I activated SSL on the new server, fine. But the secure form? Was built in FrontPage, which I loathe and hate. And which, incidentally, doesn’t seem to be allowed to connect to the secure folder on the target server. If I disable FP extensions so I can connect using FTP to upload the form, it won’t work. But I can’t seem to upload it with FP.

Good thing I enjoy a challenge.

I’m also the webmistress for the Amma Fairfield Satsang. I let both of its domains expire because I couldn’t find my fucking login for, which is where I registered the domains. I finally got in (more or less accidentally) and renewed them, but now one of the sites can’t find it’s MySQL database, probably due to some DNS problem and/or some side effect of the domain having been disabled. Believe me, this is a total pain in the ass, especially since I can’t remember the cPanel login nor the FTP login. They should both be saved in my password app, but they’re not. Which means either that I’m a slob or that I accidentally overwrote the app’s db when synching with my PPC. Ugh.

Technology, as much as I adore it, does not really make things easier.

In other news, it’s fucking nice outside and I absolutely love not being cold. I love rolling out of bed without wincing and shivering. I love standing outside the back door while brushing my hair. I love Iowa in the spring, it’s so balmy and sweet.

And for no reason whatsoever, this is a picture of some farmer’s random spring brush fire I drove past the other day:

Burn Pile

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