Layout Disaster! Ack!

In which what the fuck?!

So when I checked on goblinbox before bed last night, everything looked fine. This morning my layout was all hosed and funky looking, and I — believe it or not — didn’t do it. I wasn’t even there! (It’s usually my fault, when the site’s screwy-looking, though I rarely admit it.)

So I changed my password just in case and then changed back to an older theme. I’m sure y’all recognize it. Links were orange, now they’re purple, but it’s an old theme. Maybe it’s time for a new spring theme or something.

I added Justinsomnia’s Random Image plugin today, which is amusing me greatly. It pulls an image from an old post and displays it over there at the right; if you click on the pic it takes you to the old post. Whee!

In other news, one of the two remaining Cobalt web servers here at work is dying a hideous death. (The password files are corrupted so users of the three remaining domains can’t connect or check their email or nothin’.) Been madly transferring domains to the new outsourced server, calling customers, faxing things, updating DNS. Whee again!

Starving. Going to get some lunch.

8 thoughts on “Layout Disaster! Ack!

  1. I loved the new layout, but I missed the old one. Welcome back!
    I didn’t make it to your side of Iowa while I was there. But, I will next time. We must meet and get drunk!!

    Hell yeah, boy! -m

  2. Fun fun! Better busy than bored! Somehow I can’t see bunnies on here… but we’ll see what you have up that devious sleeve of yours. ;)

  3. God, I love the random image plugin, maybe more on other people’s sites than my own, since I know all my own pictures so well. It’s great to see it in action over here. You got several reloads out of me!

    I love it, too! Thanks for writing it! -m

  4. That’s so freaky. Somebody changed something? I hope you didn’t get hacked. I love your bitches. :-)

    I totally got hacked. *sigh* -m

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